Meet Marjorie:  The Mouth That Roared

Marjorie Taylor Green was in typical form at the February 7 State of the Union Address.

She heckled the President of the United States:

Gave the President a thumbs-down:

And called the President a “Liar!”

You’ll notice that she cupped her hands around her mouth, megaphone style.

Not that Marjorie needs anything to enhance her voice volume.

Every time Marjorie Taylor Greene opens her mouth – which is way, way too often – I wonder,

First: “Is she really speaking for the people in her district?”

Second: “Who are the people in her district?”

Marjorie has been elected twice by the residents of Georgia’s 14th congressional district, so we have to assume that Marjorie is saying what they want to hear.

Including her rant about the “gazpacho police” patrolling the Capitol building in Washington, DC, mixing up the famous cold Spanish soup gazpacho with the Gestapo – the brutal Nazi-era secret police in Germany.

Which prompted a Twitter storm, and a plethora of helpful clarifications including this:

Our Marjorie is a Republican in the House, elected in 2020, and re-elected in 2022.

Here’s Georgia’s 14th congressional district, in the northwest corner of the state:

The population is around 777,000 people, and regarding that population, says this article:

“Georgia’s 14th congressional district is an overwhelmingly white and rural area, where most residents have just a high school education and the median household income is about $10,000 less than the national average, per Census figures.

“The district is considered the 10th-most Republican district in the nation, with Republicans averaging 32 more points in Georgia’s 14th than nationally, according to a Cook Political Report analysis of 2012 and 2016 presidential election results.

“Luke Martin, the Floyd County Republican Party chair, said conservatives in the district look for candidates who are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business, and support a limited government.”

The article goes on to say,

“What voters liked about Greene was her likeness to Trump, who was popular in the district.  (He won the 14th’s counties by over 80% in the 2020 election, per state public records.) 

“‘She’s an in-your-face type and people really warmed up to that,’ Tim Shiflett, Democratic Party chair for Georgia’s 14th congressional district, said.  ‘They like that because they like Donald Trump.’” 

Here are Marjorie and Trump…

…Best Friends Forever…

Until she pisses him off.

And that’s unlikely, especially since, as this and many other recent articles suggest:

Our Marjorie is aiming to be Trump’s running mate:

Then all she has to do is sit back, keep her fingers crossed, and hope that Trump dies in office.

Or better yet – bypass Trump and make our Marjorie president in 2024!

These folks have started the ball rolling, right here on Amazon:

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