Multitasking:  How To Rob A Store And Make A Fashion Statement At The Same Time:

I’m trying to figure out what was going through this woman’s mind…

As she got dressed to go rob a 7-Eleven in San Diego.

“Let’s see,” she’s thinking, “the last time I robbed a 7-Eleven I wore the grey t-shirt and black sweatpants.  Fashionistas never wear the same thing twice, so this time I’ll go white t-shirt and gray sweatpants.”

She nods, satisfied, then considers her footwear.  “Darn!  All I have are black running shoes!”  She grabs a pen and paper and writes, “Buy white running shoes after this robbery.”  She peruses her closet for a moment, then smiles.  “Got it!” she says jubilantly:

“Slippers!  SO not-obvious.  Nobody robs a store in their slippers.  Talk about a fashion statement!”

I’m making light of this, when I know there’s nothing funny about it.

Here’s the full version of the above image of the woman:

We can’t see her slippers, but we can see what she’s holding in her hand.

According to the Union-Tribune article, the woman was holding a “black semi-automatic handgun,” and it appears she’s pointing it straight at the poor employee behind the counter.

Was the gun real?  Was it loaded?  Did she own it legally?

Doesn’t matter.  When someone’s pointing a gun at you, you don’t spring a pop quiz on them.

The employee – wisely – gave the woman an undisclosed amount of money, and the woman left.

Here are the two pictures from the Union-Tribune article, from the store’s camera:

This woman means business.

Is she brazen?  Stupid?  She’s got to know she’s being videotaped, yet she made no attempt to conceal her face:

If she was nervous, it wasn’t apparent. 

I’m guessing this wasn’t her first robbery.

And since this happened on January 19, and the story ran more than two weeks later, and now it’s been a month, and San Diego police are still…

“…hoping someone will help them figure out who and where she is.”

She’s either left town, or is really good at hiding.  Or her friends/acquaintances are too afraid of her to call the police.

But…why was she wearing slippers?

Is it possible…

That this woman had never committed a crime in her life – never – and was just sitting around at home one day, wearing her comfortable clothes and slippers, cleaning her gun as conscientious gun owners are wont to do, and suddenly a light bulb goes on…

And she thinks…

“I could use my gun to rob a store!”

And she walked out her front door (being careful to make sure it was locked – you just can’t trust people nowadays), strolled a couple of blocks to her neighborhood 7-Eleven, and…

Walked out with the cash?

Is that possible?


The police described the woman as “roughly 25 to 30 years old,” and if she’s caught and convicted…

What’s in store for the robber-in-slippers?

Prison time, and possibly a lot of it.

According to this California law firm:

“Robbery is a Felony punished in First and Second Degrees. If convicted of First-Degree Robbery, you face up to nine years in state prison.  If convicted of the Second-Degree form, you can serve up to five years in a state prison. You also face fines of up to $10,000 or fines and a prison sentence with both forms.

And from this law firm:

“California has a law known as “10-20-Life” that applies to convictions when a gun is used during the commissioning of a violent crime.  Also known as the ‘Use a Gun and You’re Done’ law, it adds extra prison time to the sentence of anyone who is convicted of using a gun while committing a robbery.

“Under this statute convicted felons who used a firearm or other weapon to cause intimidation and instill fear during a crime may face up to ten years in a California state prison on top of the sentence for their crime.  This means that someone who commits first-degree robbery may face 19 years in prison without even firing the gun.”

But in San Diego, says this October 2022 article:

“The annual mid-year report…showed 6,182 violent crimes, including 51 homicides, 475 rapes, 1,355 robberies and 4,301 aggravated assaults in the first six months of the year.”

So many crimes, never enough police to solve them all.

Our robber-in-slippers may never be brought to justice.

And we may never know why she went on that day and that time and to that store…

And in her slippers.

But we do know this:

She’ll go down in the annals of 2023 crimes in San Diego as the…

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