Dave Roberts Says “Thanks!” For Your Lovely Parting Gift

Roberts hurting his right arm
Careful, Dave, that’s your injured arm!

Dave Roberts served as a San Diego County Supervisor for one term, from January 2013 to January 2017.

During those four years, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, he experienced “a repetitive use injury to the right side of his body, which he developed during four years he spent using a computer, talking on a phone and doing the other regular duties of his office.”owie_02

Poor little Davie got an owie at work.

Then he lost his bid for re-election this year, but as they say on the game shows, he’s not going away empty-handed.

Because our Dave had filed for workers’ compensation, received “examinations over two money_02years with five physicians,” and will receive “a $12,250 settlement from the county” as a lovely parting gift.

That’s $12,250 of public money, i.e., your money.

The Union-Tribune received records of Roberts’ case from the state Department of Industrial Relations under the California Public Records Act.  “In those records physicians all agreed that Roberts had pain from his right hand to his right shoulder and that his job activities contributed to his symptoms.”

Said one doctor, “This can arise out of his work as a county supervisor with his frequent use of the computer and a smart phone, and it also appears to have occurred during the course of his employment.”

roberts left arm
Thumps-up, left arm – better idea, Dave!

This suggests that Roberts, who was 53 when he was elected, had never before touched a computer or smart phone, because otherwise he could have gotten his owie prior to taking office, right?


Thanks goodness Roberts’ pain wasn’t too severe for him to fill out those workers’ compensation forms.  Or to endorse his paychecks, which amounted to $153,289.60 annually by the time he left office.

And I was relieved to know that “supervisors are paid a flat salary regardless of whether or not they are at work, or are out for a medical issue, vacation, or other type of absence, and they would not lose pay if they had to leave to receive care for an injury or illness.”

Sounds exactly like the same deal the rest of us get.great idea_01

So here’s the process:

  1. Go to work for four years, use a computer and smart phone.
  2. File a workers’ compensation claim for “cumulative trauma of repetitive tasks and stressful work environment.”
  3. Collect workers’ compensation.

Since I find work a “repetitive” pain in the ass, that should be no problem.

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