Wells Fargo: My Hero

Are you like me?

You don’t like and/or trust Wells Fargo Bank but you just can’t face and/or don’t have time to deal with the complexities of moving your money from one bank to a different one.

Well, I’m reconsidering that attitude – and even liking Wells Fargo – after the recent stories about their January 17 computer glitch:

checking zero balance

It was an eensy-weensy glitch, after all.  It just emptied your checking account by paying some bills multiple times, then hit you with overdraft fees.  Multiply that by the But Noooomultitudinous people it affected, and those fees represent lots of money for Wells Fargo.

But noooo…

Wells Fargo is canceling those darn fees and putting your money back where it belongs.

Now, seriously – is this anything to get upset about?

And Wells Fargo apologized:Apology

Well, not exactly apologize, that usually has the words “We’re sorry” somewhere.  And they’ve had so much practice apologizing recently, it’s probably getting old.

So what’s your problem?

Now, here’s an example of a real spoil sport:


That’s not an attitude of gratitude, Dr. Harriton-Wilson!

And these folks – so you were on “hold” forever, like you have something else to do with your phone?  And your time?


Wait – you want them to fix this glitch AND answer the phones???  And tsk, tsk, Donielle, using ALL CAPS is the online equivalent of yelling.

Let’s do like the song says:

come on people_02

Come on, people, let’s have a group hug:

group hug_01.jpg

After all, “To err is human.”

Or computer.

Or whatever.

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