How’s Your “Ology” Knowledge ?

head down_01Are you considering a career change and cruising endless job sites?

Might you be skipping over some amazing opportunities like “Speleology” (see below) because you can only guess at what it means?

Because I care about you, I’ve put together an alphabetical list of careers that may be your perfect match, along with helpful illustrations of what you’ll be doing when you land that dream job:

Word and What You Guessed It Meant

What It Actually Means

Helpful Illustration


Something to do with being sorry?

The study of bees. 01_Bees

Something to do with pitching a tent?

The art or study of bell casting and ringing. 02_Bells.jpg

Something to do with pterodactyls?

The technique of communicating by signs made with the hands and fingers. 03_sign language

Something to do with dumpster diving?

The study of a society or culture by analyzing its refuse. 05_ garbage waste-study-workers-sort-garbage-530 cropped.jpg

Something to do with my nose?

The branch of medicine that deals with the classification of diseases. 05_doctor-microscope-laptop-computer-13017204.jpg

Something to do with Yoko Ono?

The study of name formation and naming practices. 09_Names.png

Something to do with my friends?

The study of pollens and spores, especially those that are fossilized. 05_Pollen

Something to do with my cell phone?

The study of speech sounds in language. 07_hand to ear.jpg

Something else to do with pterodactyls?

The study of ferns and other seedless plants. no pterodactyls_cropped

Something to do with channel surfing?

The study of the effects of radiation on living organisms. 10_Xray

Something to do with being a couch potato?

The branch of medicine dealing with nutrition and dietetics. 11_Diet

Something to do with spelling?

The scientific study of caves. 12_cave.jpg

Something to do with getting mad…or sick…or something?

The study of flags. 13_flags.jpg



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