Meet Sockless Phil

Phil is happy.

Phil gets to go to work without socks.happy-at-work2

Phil’s office is so big he can ride a bike in it.

Phil is head of a company that will make $125 million this year.

Phil says after 40 years he “Still loves the business” and wakes up “every morning anxious to go to work.”

Because Phil is so happy, he has lots of advice for those of us who don’t head million-Unemployment Linedollar companies but do wear socks:

Phil:  Most companies will keep you employed for…as long as you bring value to the company.

Me:  The 8.7 million people who lost their jobs during the Great Recession might disagree.

When Phil isn’t riding his bike around his office – sockless – he’s apparently writing important stuff on his website, including his (get it?) PHIL ▪ OSOPHY 101:

piles-of-paperwork“About half of your waking life will be spent working, so it’s paramount that your work be something you can be passionate about, that you enjoy, that brings you not just financial rewards and security, but a sense of pride, accomplishment and fun.”

Yessiree, I go to work especially for that “fun” part.

In a different article Phil said he’s in the 10% of the workforce “who wake up in the morning eager to go to work.”  That’s Phil in the red area below.

Phil then took the remaining 90% and divided it into three levels:

Phil stats final with title cropped.png


The 40% who “like their jobs, sort of, but they’re very happy when Friday rolls around.  That’s when they get to do what they really want to do with the rest of their lives.”

Then there’s “the next 40%, the ones who say, ‘Oh, my gosh, it’s only Wednesday?  This is the longest week of my life!’”

Finally, there’s that “bottom 10%…who exclaim when that alarm goes off, ‘Please, please, please don’t make me go to work today!’”

My estimate is a bit different:

my stats no drones larger cropped

But no worries – because, of course, Phil has advice for us:

“I believe life is too short to merely tolerate your job.  So prepare yourself and go for the top 10%!”

That’s SO helpful, Phil.  Now I have some advice for you:

Buy some socks and…

sock in mouth_02 cropped

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