Rant: When Ripped Is A Rip-Off

Fads can be fun.

Well, until you look at an old picture of yourself and wonder, “What was I thinking with that outfit?”  Or, “Please tell me my hair didn’t really look like that.”

And fads can be fun to watch.

We’ve watched some fads come and go, and come back again:

Platform shoes were hot in the 1970s, then disappeared, and now they’re back… Platform shoes 1970s



Platform shoes 2018


Likewise, bell bottoms came and went and came back again… bell bottoms 1970s cropped


bellbottoms 2018 cropped.jpg



Then there are fads that come and go and – fortunately – don’t come back.  Some 1950s fads come to mind:



PhoneBoothStuffing 1950s


eating goldfish cropped.jpg
Car stuffing… Phone booth stuffing… Goldfish stuffing…yes, he’s eating live goldfish.

And how about fad diets?

Scarsdale_diet 1970s zone_01 Keto diet 2018

Scarsdale diet, 1970s…

Zone diet, 1990s…

Keto diet, 2018

Lest you think fads are mostly followed by women, check these out:

egyptian_01 louis
Ancient Egyptian male royalty – wigs, eyeliner, serious jewelry… 17th century male royalty – wigs, furs, stockings, high heels.

But here’s a fad I didn’t get then – and now it’s come back and I still don’t get it:

ripped jeans 1980s ripped jeans male model cropped.jpg

Ripped jeans, 1980s…

Ripped jeans 2018

And not just jeans –

ripped t-shirt ripped skirt with fishnet Ripped-stockings-featured-progressed cropped

Ripped shirts…

Ripped skirts…


Here’s a brief tutorial on ripped clothing, culled from various online sources:

There are two classifications of ripped jeans:  Distressed and Destroyed.

Distressed is where you can see the inside of the fabric – the white horizontal threads (weft); and Destroyed jeans are completely torn-off garment areas.

Distressed denims are given their vintage worn-out look in the manufacturingripoff cropped processes.  Jeans are faded on purpose.  Additional methods to distress denim include extreme stone washing, enzyme washing, acid washing, sandblasting, emerging, and micro-sanding.  Frayed hems and seams are also popular in the distressed denim category.

And talk about ripped – let’s talk about ripped off.  Meaning, how much you can pay for someone to rip, distress and/or destroy your jeans before you buy them:

ripped women designer cropped ripped men designer.jpg
Women:  Mr. Porter Farfetch Amiri Crystal Painter Jeans $1500 40% Off $954 Men:  Mr. Porter Amiri Thrasher Skinny-Fit Appliquéd Distressed Stretch-Denim Jeans $1770

For that kind of money send me the jeans and I’ll rip them.

And distress them.

And destroy them.

blowing up

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