Find The Story, Then…

Here’s the headline:


Here’s the name of this new addition to our family of opioids:  Dsuvia.

dsuvia logo

As I read the article I had two questions:

First:  Why does this country need with another opioid?  Especially when there are nearly 400 opioids currently on the market, including brand name and generic drugs.

Especially in a country where opiod-related overdoses killed 49,000 people in 2017?

Second:  I wonder who owns AcelRx – the company that makes the just-approved Dsuvia – and could it possibly be a bunch of rich guys who will get richer from this?

acelrxRich guys who smiled on October 10, when it looked like Dsuvia was on its way to approval and AcelRx stock skyrocketed nearly 36%?

Rich guys who smiled even more when they heard that AcelRx projects $1.1 billion in annual sales of Dsuvia?

Could rich guys have anything to do with the FDA approving yet another opioid?

So who owns AcelRx?

According to CNN Business, here are the top five of the top 10 owners of AcelRx:

Top Ten

Here’s how Nasdaq slices the owners’ piece of the pie:

Pie Chart

To get an idea of the value of these top five, I had to learn about something called AUM – Assets Under Management:

AUM is the total market value of assets that an investment company or financial institution manages on behalf of investors.

Now that I knew what to look for, I spent a fair amount of time looking at (rich) pale males in gray suits.

Here are some of the key people at those top five owners of AcelRx, and each company’s AUM:


The Vanguard Group, Inc. Vanguard F William McNabb III

F. William McNabb III, Chairman

AUM:  $5.1 trillion in 2018 Vanguard Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley, President & CEO



Blackrock Fund Advisors

Blackrock Larry Fink.jpg

Larry Fink, Chairman & CEO


AUM:  $6.3 trillion in 2018

Blackrock robert kapito

Robert Kapito, President


Renaissance Technologies Renaissance James Simons

James H. Simons, Co-founder
& Board Chair


AUM:  $84 billion in 2018

Renaissance howard-morgan-w800

Howard L. Morgan, Co-founder


Fidelity Management & Research Fidelity Morrison

Charles Morrison, President


AUM:  $219B in 2018

Fidelity McGraw-Gerry-1-500x500-c-default

Gerard McGraw, CFO, Director



Geode Capital Management


Geode Gubitosi

Vince Gubitosi, President


AUM:  $84 billion in 2018

Geode Miller_

Jeffrey S. Miller, COO

But Dsuvia isn’t just for rich investors – the Pentagon has spent millions of dollars helping to fund AcelRx’s research, and where does the Pentagon get its money?

From us taxpayers.  So you, too – willingly or otherwise – had a hand in bringing a new fda_approval croppedopioid to our nation.

And there you have it.  With all the readily available opioids in this country, and with all the opioid-related deaths, our FDA saw fit to give yet another opioid the nod.

Is there a connection between that FDA approval, and the owners of AcelRx making more money?

You connect the dots, and then you tell me.

In closing, here’s an old melody, What The World Needs Now, with new lyrics written especially for this occasion:


What the world needs now

Is drugs, more drugs.

It’s the only thing

That we’ve just too little of.


used needles

What the world needs now

Is more opioid drugs.

No, not just for some

But for everyone.


pills and u.s. map

Doc, I don’t need another aspirin.

I’ve got Advil and Motrin and Tylenol.

I need real stuff, the hard stuff

That gets me high, the stuff that kills,

If you want to know.


no aspirin

What the world needs now

Is more opioid drugs.

New one just approved

Catchy name:  “Dsuvia.”


dsuvia logo

Just a tiny pill

Slides right under my tongue.

No needles for me –

Got Dsuvia.


dsuvia under tongue

Doc, can I have some more Dsuvia?

Cause my knees hurt, my back hurts, they’re really bad.

Please just write a prescription, and no more pain.

I’ll never feel…

Anything again.


Dsuvia with applicator


What the world needs now…





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