Hi, Everybody! I’m Ivanka Wanka, The Wind-Up Doll!

Just wind me up and I’ll say anything Daddy wants me to!


·         “My Daddy values talent!  He is colorblind and gender neutral!  He taught me the importance of a strong ethical compass!”

·         “My Daddy said if I wasn’t his daughter, perhaps he’d be dating me!”

·         “My Daddy is everyone’s favorite president!”

Here I am saying, um…something, in front of that painting of What’s-His-Name, everyone’s second favorite president!

Image 1 (2)
Here I am when I was younger, with Daddy.  Daddy is a very affectionate man! Image 2 (2)
Here I am more recently with Daddy.  Daddy is a very affectionate man! Image 3 (2)
Before I became a White House Senior Advisor, I was hard at work, helping to build Trump Tower in New York.

Or is this Trump Tower Moscow?

Image 3A (2).jpg
I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes Ivanka Wanka The Wind-Up Doll’s wind-up key is silver and sometimes it’s gold! Image 4 (2)
That’s because I know how to dress for success, just like I talked about in my book, The Trump Card.  Here I am, signing a copy of my book for some lucky fan!

So, what do you think – should I have worn the silver key with this?

Image 5 (2)
And speaking of lucky, I just got back from a trip to Africa, and weren’t those folks lucky to meet me!

Here I am arriving the airport in Africa.  Did you notice that Ivanka Wanka’s wind-up key is smaller?  That’s because it’s…travel size!  Get it?

And look at me, managing my own luggage – how proletarian of me!

Image 6 (2)
First I met with…um…somebody for an interview!  I told her I was visiting Ethiopia and the West Coast…um…I mean Gold Coast, to promote…um…some sort of White House global economic program for women! Image 7 (2)
When I met up with these gals, they began singing and dancing!  Well, what else could Ivanka Wanka The Wind-Up Doll do but join in?  And I’m telling you:  It was my privilege!

If only I still had my Ivanka clothing line, just think how these gals could have improved their economic status by working in the sweatshops!

Wind-Up Dancing (2)
Whew!  All this traveling and dancing and stuff is making Ivanka Wanka tired!  I need my key cranked! Imagea 8A (2).jpg
Here I am on my way to meet Ethiopia’s first female president!  Imagine – a female president in this shithole country?

Hmmmm.  Female president…I’ll have to ask Daddy about that!  “Ivanka Wanka in 2024!” sounds good to me!

Image 9 (2)
I’m home again, home again, and what a relief to get back to my regular-size key!

I suppose we’ll still be hearing about that Mueller thing.  Of course, I knew that there was no collusion.  I knew that there was no obstruction, and this was affirmed in the Mueller report and Attorney General Barr’s subsequent summary.

Pssst!  Daddy?  How’d I do?

Image 10 (2)
And speaking of Daddy, and my Africa trip – I’ve been deeply, deeply inspired by my trip.  And I think he will be as well.

You can see how much Daddy missed his Ivanka Wanka The Wind-Up Doll!

Image 11 (2)
And home to the hubby – that’s What’s-His-Name in the red tie, walking three steps behind me, just where he belongs!

So, what do you think – should I have worn the gold key with this?

Image 11A (2).jpg
This is Ivanka Wanka The Wind-Up Doll saying “Kiss, Kiss!” and “Bye-Bye!”

Seriously, do you like my hair better up – or down?

Image 12 (2)

who's_02 underlined


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