Rant: Thank You For Your (Tax Dollar) Donations

The July 4 event in Washington, DC was both a waste of our tax dollars, and Trump’s salute to himself – and the dictators he so admires:

monitors 3 cropped Hitler parade 1939 fixed
Washington DC, July 4, 2019 Germany, 1939
blue angels russia 2017 cropped
Washington DC, July 4, 2019 Russia, 2017
tank_03 cropped North-Korean-2018 cropped
Washington DC, July 4, 2019 North Korea, 2018
U.S. jets china jets
Washington DC, July 4, 2019 China, 2017

Despite persistent queries from the media – and we taxpayers – about the cost of Trump’s “Salute to America” presidential vanity project, the government has not responded.

I suspect it’s because the government doesn’t actually know what the cost was.

But then, our government spends all sorts of taxpayer dollars and has no idea what they’re spending it on.

Remember this one:

Pentagon 2 (3)

And this one:

Pentagon 1 (2)

I did my own estimate so we schmucks, who paid, can read it and weep:

Costs Final Final (2)

I confess I’m disappointed that despite the president’s earlier promise about military hardware on view on July 4…

“But we have the brand-new Sherman tanks and the brand-new Abram tanks and we have some military equipment on display.  Brand-new.  And we’re very proud of it.”

There were no Sherman tanks, brand-new or otherwise.

Possibly because the Army hasn’t used Sherman tanks since the 1950s?

And – more disappointment, this time in myself.  In Trump’s July 4 speech he recounted a Revolutionary War event that somehow I’ve missed in my research:

“Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do…”

I didn’t know there were airports in the 1700s.

But these folks did:

Twitter (2) darker

The president called his July 4 “Salute to America” the “greatest political journey in human history.”

I think it was probably the greatest rip-off in human history.

Or then again, maybe that was…

Those $640 toilet seats.

navy-toilet-296x300 home depot $12.36
On the left is what’s purported to be the Pentagon’s actual $640 toilet seat; shall I let them know I found this nice one on the right at Home Depot for just $12.36?


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