Who’s Next?





Rudy_01 (2)

But no worries, Rudy – you’ll have lots of company:

The rats are leaving the sinking ship:

Perry cropped smaller

Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, resignation expected.

kevin-mcaleenan cropped

Kevin McAleenan, acting Homeland Security Secretary, announced resignation 10/11/19.

Greenblatt cropped smaller reversed

Jason Greenblatt, Special Envoy for the Middle East, resignation announced September 2019.

Bolton cropped larger

John Bolton, National Security Advisor, departed September 2019.

Coats cropped smaller.jpg

Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, resigned August 2019.

Fiona Hill cropped smaller

Fiona Hill, Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs, resigned July 2019.

Departures_01 cropped.jpg

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