Trump Hates Being Laughed At So…Let’s Keep Laughing

In late October and into November, California was once again being ravaged by wildfires.

And once again, Trump was being his usual ignorant self:

Trump (2)

I think the November 3 San Francisco Chronicle did a fine job of refuting this.  The words in bold are my emphasis:

Trump’s tweets have consistently failed to note that more than half of forested land in California is under federal control.  Experts also note that forest management is just one of many factors that can affect wildfires’ severity.

Many of the blazes that have devastated California since 2017 have been brushsf-chronicle-logo cropped fires, not forest fires, and many ran through large swaths of private land, including the Camp Fire.

Newsom’s office pointed out Sunday that the governor suspended permitting and regulatory requirements in March to speed wildfire fuel-reduction work in 35 high-hazard areas.

At the same time, it said, Trump proposed a $40 million cut in the hazardous-fuels reduction budget for the U.S. Forest Service, which manages much of the federal government’s forests.

Trump’s above tweet not only displayed his usual ignorance, but also his usual inaccurate self – he can’t even quote himself correctly.

November 2018:  Newsom (left) and Brown flank Trump.  They were so glad to see Trump…leave.

What he “told” then-Lieutenant Governor Newsom “from the first day” they met was NOT that “he must ‘clean’ his forest floors.”

It was back in November 2018, and Trump visited an area in California devastated by a wildfire.

During that visit Trump told Newsom and then-Governor Jerry Brown how the people of Finland prevents wildfires in their forests:

“They spend a lot of time raking.”

This supposedly from a conversation Trump had had with Finland’s president, Sauli Niinistö.

Niinistö Trump pressi2
“That’s the guy!  Niinistö!  He said they rake!”

When asked, Niinistö said that he and Trump did discuss the California wildfires when they’d met the previous weekend in Paris, and he’d told Trump that “we take care of our forests.”

But nothing about “raking.”

The people of Finland promptly showed that though they were a small (population around 5.5 million) country, they had a big sense of humor.

And because I thought the Finn’s posts were so damn funny, I wanted to revisit the posts as a reminder that Trump HATES being laughed at – so let’s keep laughing.

We need laughter now, more than ever:


And this, more recent, same topic:

NY Times Headline (2)

NY Times (2)

I’m pleased to give Governor Newsom the last word — his November 3, 2019 response to Trump’s ignorant tweet:

Newsom (2)

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