At Home, With Time On My Hands, I’ve Been Wondering…


Every home has a drawer or a box or a bin,
Where we hang onto stuff and just drop it in.
junk drawer cropped
They’re things I might need, but just – not today,
So they go in the drawer cause I’ll need them – someday.
someday cropped
But today I am cleaning and now I will see,
What treasures this drawer has been holding for me.
question marks
Here’s that carryout menu from some place named Bill’s,
I’ve never used it but – maybe I will.
There are keys to the front door, my cars old and new,
And six other keys for – I haven’t a clue.
Shoe laces, toothpicks, a cell phone that’s dead,
A rainbow of Post-its in blue, green and red.
post its
I dig a bit deeper and what’s in my hands?
A twelve-year collection of old rubber bands.
rubber bands
Pens that are broken and batteries that died,
And one lonely sock over there on the side.
Recipes for food that I’ve never made,
And bills for things I sure hope that I’ve paid.
An old silver dollar, a quarter and dime,
And a watch that would work if I fixed it sometime.
Oh, good, here’s that snapshot I wanted to frame,
It’s such a good picture, but what was their name?
Now the drawer’s almost empty and I’m almost done,
It’s taken awhile, and it hasn’t been fun.
At the back of the drawer and no wonder I’m tired,
My winning lottery ticket – too bad it’s expired.


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