And Now, It’s Time To Meet…

We humans come up with all sorts of excuses for breaking the law.

But on Memorial Day, I heard an excuse that topped all others.

I have dubbed the excuse maker “Ms. Originality,” and I invite you to shake your head in disbelief, as I did.

First, some context.

Key words:  Pandemic.  May 25, Memorial Day.  Beaches.

Our country has lots of beaches.

And on Memorial Day, those beaches had lots of people:

Cocoa Beach, FL:

Cocoa Beach Florida

Indiana Dunes National Park:

Indiana Dunes National Park

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA:

Ocean Beach San Francisco cropped

Pandemic?  What pandemic?

As long as we’re in San Francisco, let’s travel south about 470 miles, to Carlsbad, CA.

It’s a nice town with nice beaches.

And on those beaches are signs:


On Memorial Day a local TV station carried a story about the beaches and the signs.  The reporter posed by the sign…

Arti (2)

And said, “These signs are being ignored.”

That astute observation was followed by Carlsbad beach scenes including this…

Beach 1 (2)

And this…

Beach 2 (2)

And this…

Beach 3 (2)

And now let’s meet…

Miss Originality cropped

Woman (2)

You’ll notice she’s violating the “no stopping, sitting or lying down” rule.

You’ll notice she’s not wearing a face mask.

Just a hunch here – she’s not social distancing.

And now…drum roll…here is her Memorial Day excuse for violating the rules:

“It’s my respect to them, to show my respect of freedom for what they did for me, for you, and anybody else that wants to live here.”

wait what

On this Memorial Day, she felt that violating the rules was the perfect way to demonstrate her “respect of freedom.”

The perfect way to show respect for the military men and woman who fought, and died, for our freedom.

Clearly, on Memorial Day she felt honor-bound to do this.

Clearly, she is a…

Patriot_04 cropped fixed

And for Ms. Originality and other violators, said the reporter, instead of citations, Carlsbad police were choosing to educate, and depend on good judgement by beachgoers.

No judgment (2) fixed

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