When You Receive This…

When you get an envelope like the one above, you open it.

This is from the Internal Revenue Service – the IRS – and you don’t ignore a missive from the IRS.

money_01It could be a notification that says,

“We advise that you’ve been overpaying your taxes for 15 years and a remittance check in the amount of $54,328 will arrive within 10 days.”

Or, it could be a notification that says,handcuffs_01

“You are the biggest tax crook since Al Capone, and as you read this, 100 IRS agents are surrounding your house.”

My husband and I received a letter from the IRS on Saturday, but it wasn’t a windfall, or a government raid.

It was this:

TL-01 (3)

In essence, it told us that our payment from the CARES Act had arrived, because I, Donald J. Trump, am the greatest president in American history.

It was such a blatant, obvious, juvenile effort that I was almost – almost – embarrassed for the poor fools who had to write it.

Instead, I was too busy being pissed that this letter had been paid for with my…

tax dollars cropped

A letter telling me that we’d received money.

Money that we’d received seven days earlier.

As though we were too stupid to notice when the money was deposited in our bank account.

But…Trump’s ego is massive and needs constant nourishing, and it’s been starved since the pandemic shut down his rallies.

The pandemic…so inconvenient.

CDC (2)

So Trump’s toadies put their heads together, and came up with this letter.

And sent it to millions of people receiving money from the CARES Act.

Not to tell us something we already knew – that we’d received the money days ago.

But to remind us that:

Trump cares about you!
Trump loves you!
Vote for Trump in 2020!

The goal of this letter – paid for by our tax dollars – was so obvious, it might as well have looked like this:

Trump (2)


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