After Hurricane Laura, Trump Visits Louisiana And Texas, And Solves Flooding Problem!





Trump 1
“Louisiana is a tremendous state for me, and now I’m taking care of you – here’s the Bounty, the quicker picker upper!”
Trump 4
“Mop up the water – and your tears – with these.  Brawny paper towels, for truly tough messes!”
Trump 2
“I hear it’s going to rain this afternoon.  Messes are a part of life!  Soak ‘em up with VIVA!”
Image: President Trump throws rolls of paper towels to residents gathered in a chapel while visiting areas damaged by Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico
“Many people told me this was the strongest storm to hit southwest Louisiana!  Here’s Scott, the strongest paper towel, common sense on a roll!”
Trump 5
“Our hearts go out to families who lost loved ones – and so do these paper towels!”


Image: Donald Trump Golf
“Ah, Mar-A-Lago – what a relief, after that shithole in Louisiana!”


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