Book Review:  A Weak “Week At The Shore”

Publication date:  May 2020book cropped

Review, short version:  One skunk out of four.

Review, long version:

There are authors I’ve read and enjoyed for a long time.  Authors who, when I learned they had a new book – I bought it.  I didn’t read the summary or reviews.

When they wrote it, I wanted it.

Those authors include Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Tami Hoag and Susan Howatch.

Sadly, over the years, with each author I’d I realize, “Well, I’m not going to buy her books anymore.”

If my library had it, I’d read it.  But spend $20 to $30 for on an author I was now iffy about?

Thumbs_down croppedThe next step – again, sadly – was, “I’m not going to read her books anymore.”

With each of those four authors, I transitioned from “buying” to “not buying” to “not reading.”

Sometimes it was because the author’s focus had changed.  Sometimes, my tastes changed.  And sometimes, I guess I just lost that lovin’ feeling.

Over time, Barbara Delinsky’s books have moved from “buy it” to “not buy it,” so I got her latest, A Week at the Shore, from my library.

I’m not quite ready to move Delinsky from “not buy” to “not read,” but I’m getting there.

A Week at the Shore is not bad, it’s just…not very good.

There’s nothing new or original about it.

And it’s full of clichés, including:

Check (2)

The book was so cliché-ridden that I fully expected a hurricane to sweep in and tumble one or both houses into the ocean.  You know – one of those 100-year storms that just happens to occur in the final 20 pages?house

The storm then – of course – exposing the skeletal remains of the wife who deserted.  Or died.

At least I was spared those clichés.

And perhaps I’ve spared you from reading A Week at the Shore.

I guess it was my turn to…


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