Ah…Michigan, My Michigan

Michigan in October can be beautiful.

The hot, humid summer gives way to cooler fall temperatures.  People start breaking out their warmer clothes, and trees start breaking out their amazing fall foliage…

And an in-law family member – I’ll call her “G” – has an October ritual with her side of the family:

A visit to Yates Cider Mill:

For years G and her family have gathered at Yates Cider Mill every October, including this year, on October 24, the same day that this story ran:

“Record-breaking COVID-19 numbers.”

“New daily coronavirus record.”

So even though this October isn’t like last October, or any October in living memory…

That didn’t stop G and her family.

And those pesky face masks didn’t get in the way, either, especially when worn beneath the nose…

Yates Cider Mill has been around a long time, and it offers all sorts of attractions – pony rides, petting zoo, river walk.   And plenty to buy – fudge, apples, gifts, apparel, donuts, and of course, Yates famous cider.

So there are lots of reasons to visit Yates Cider Mill.

And this year, I’d say lots of reasons not to:

Now, Yates Cider Mill is in step with the times – sort of.  On their website there’s a link to their “COVID-19 Safety Plan,” where they “PROMISE to keep you safe” by providing hand sanitizer, increasing spacing at the register, screening employees, and ramping up their cleaning procedures.

And in return, says Yates…

“Masks are not required at all times.”

On October 24, apparently for G and family, masks were not required, period:

Yes, there were a few masks in evidence.  They’re especially effective when worn beneath the nose, beneath the chin…

On the morning of October 25, Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Witmer, appeared on Local 4 News, a day after the state reported the highest one-day increase in COVID-19 cases:

The governor said, “We have to double-down on mask wearing, not having gatherings, having real physical distancing, ensuring that we’re hand-washing…We need everyone to do their part so we can avoid having to take steps backward…We all have to be a part of bringing these numbers down.”

This story appeared that same morning:

I hope this poll continues to be true.

And I hope, for G and her family…

That that trip to Yates Cider Mill doesn’t turn into a…

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