I Have Some Advice For President-Elect Biden:

Under normal circumstances I would never presume to give advice to President-Elect Biden.

But these are far from normal circumstances.

And he’s far too busy to be thinking of this.

So here’s my advice:

Mr. President-Elect, do some serious fumigation of the White House before you move in.

I’m talking big-time, serious, 24/7 fumigating, until the fumes fill the White House and spill out into the evening air:

If you’re hesitating about this for even a moment, please consider:

COVID-19 has been in the White House for months.

Starting here:

Trump’s response:

“Yeah, that valet guy helped me get dressed every day, but I never met him.”

This positive test did nothing to prompt Trump and others to wear face masks and social distance.

So, as time passed, even someone as dumb as dirt was avoiding the White House:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he has been avoiding the White House since August ‘because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different from mine and what I insisted that we do in the Senate, which is to wear a mask and practice social distancing.’”

Then came September 26, Trump’s super spreader event in the Rose Garden, and these consequences:

After that, in the White House, COVID-19 went viral, literally:

Then this:

At some point, the kid got it:

And then that creep, Mark Meadows, and his cohorts:

And this just in – HUD’s Ben Carson has tested positive:

It seems Meadows and Carson were at Trump’s election night party, along with hundreds of other maskless, no-social-distancing people.

Party hearty, folks!

It’s reached the point that the White House has earned the designation “Coronavirus Cluster”:

More of a “coronavirus cluster f**k,” if you know what I mean.

So, please, Mr. President-Elect, before you move into the White House…

Otherwise, to just walk in the front door you’ll have to suit up in full PPE – Personal Protection Equipment…

Fortunately, thanks to you, PPE will be available:

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