Would You Pay $398 For One Dinner – And You Don’t Even Know What You’ll Be Eating?

For one dinner, wine not included?

And you haven’t a clue as to what will be served?


Me, neither.

But, according to this recent article:

The demand for this dinner is so high, that the creators added a second night to the schedule:  July 16 and 17.

And though the menu has not been announced, people are actually whipping out their credit cards to pay $398 in advance for a…

What’s the story?

There’s a restaurant in San Diego – Addison – a recipient of a Michelin star.

There’s a restaurant in Healdsburg, CA – SingleThread – a recipient of three Michelin stars.

A Michelin star:  The ultimate hallmark of culinary excellence.

The chefs from Addison and SingleThread decided to cook together – excuse me, create a “major dinner event,” and according to the article: 

“The eight-course dinners…will feature a mix of dishes.”

I checked out the websites for both Addison and SingleThread, and it appears the two chefs are big on “tasting menus.”

SingleThread offers an “11-course tasting menu…a bespoke hospitality experience in the center of Sonoma Wine Country.”

Addison’s website talks about five- and 10-course tasting menus that “showcase the beauty and allure of California Gastronomy.”

And for all their “bespoke” and “gastronomy” stuff, neither website gives you an inkling of what you’ll be tasting at the restaurants.

We’re talking secretive here.

Secretive:  A hallmark of culinary pretentiousness:

So let’s say that the July “major dinner event” will be a tasting menu. 

Tasting menu:  A collection of several dishes in small portions, served by a restaurant as a single meal.

My definition of tasting menu:  A collection of super-measly portions served by a restaurant as a meal, after which you look around and say, “What’s for dinner?”

Here’s a quick recap of this major dinner event:

  • One meal is $398.
  • Wine not included.
  • We don’t know what will be served.
  • It will be eight courses.
  • It’s probably a tasting menu.
  • Available July 16 and 17 only.
  • Pretentious.

Well, since the chefs aren’t telling, as a public service I decided to take some guesses as to what folks will be eating on July 16 and 17.

Here are my five of the eight courses – throw in a few amuse bouche between some courses, and dinner is served.


And speaking of Voila! I’ll be using French throughout. 

I say:  If you’re going to go pretentious, go big:

First, the soup course:  Essence de soupe avec de la jonque verte mystérieuse:

Translation: Essence of soup with mysterious green junk.

Next, soufflé végtéal sans le soufflé:

Translation: Vegetable souffle without the souffle.

Then, a meat course:  Assortiment d’os avec salade printanière:

Translation: Assortment of bones with spring salad.

The pièce de résistance, the grand finale:  Assiette avec visage de légumes:

Translation: Vegetable face on a plate.

And, of course, dessert:  Frottis rouges et jaunes sucrés au miel:

Translation: Red and yellow smears sweetened with honey.

C’est magnifique!

So magnifique, I’m left with just one question:

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