The Signs Seen…

There’s a gas station in Gauteng, which is one of the nine provinces in South Africa:

A gas station story isn’t normally something that would go viral, but the owner of the gas station, Alison Billett, has put it on the online map.

From what I’m recently reading, when Alison bought the gas station years ago, it came equipped with a chalkboard, a perfect place for writing and sharing quotes – some funny, some topical, some inspirational.

Alison decided to continue the tradition, and now people make a point of driving by the gas station just to see Alison’s handiwork.  They, in turn, are sharing this “gas pump wisdom” – on Facebook and Twitter and numerous websites.

And now, because I think Alison’s gas pump wisdom is so well-done, I’m sharing some of her quotes:

I wish Alison many more years of inspiration – and a big supply of chalk!

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