This News Is SO Last Week.  But Still, It’s …

I know this news is so last week.

And I know I did a post about unruly airplane passengers not that long ago.

But what happened to this unruly passenger is so satisfying, so enjoyable, so it’s-about-damn-time, that I did a high five, a fist pump, and a happy dance, all at once:

NOT a frequent occurrence for me, but well-warranted in this case.

What prompted all this physical activity on my part?

This August 3 story:

Maxwell Berry got SO out of line that he ended up duct-taped to his seat, and remained so till the end of the flight, when he was arrested and charged with three counts of battery.

I particularly like the juxtaposition here, of 22-year-old Berry duct-taped, and later in his mug shot:

Here’s another view of taped Max:

SO satisfying.

The story is, on the evening of July 31, Berry boarded Frontier Airlines flight #2289 from Philadelphia to Miami.  I presume he’s not generally allowed out in public without supervision, so he must have somehow escaped his keeper.

Accounts vary somewhat, but it appears that during the flight:

  • Berry consumed two alcoholic drinks and after he finished them, he brushed his cup against a flight attendant’s buttocks.
Berry winds up to punch a flight attendant.
  • Berry ordered a third alcoholic beverage but spilled it on his shirt.  He went to the bathroom and when he came out, he was shirtless.  The flight attendant told Berry he needed to be clothed and helped him get an extra shirt out of his carry-on bag.
  • Berry walked around the plane for 15 minutes before he groped a second flight attendant’s breasts.  She told him to sit down and not to touch her.
  • Berry then approached both the first and second flight attendants, put his arms around them and groped their chests.
  • A third attendant asked Berry to remain seated and Berry punched the attendant in the face.

It’s as if Berry had a checklist of offenses he wanted to complete before the flight landed:

Passengers intervened by using duct tape to “tape him down to the seat and tied him with a seatbelt extender for the remaining flight.”

(Though in a video I watched, it appeared that a flight attendant was also involved in the duct-taping.)

Passengers cheered and jeered.  Berry called for help several times…

…until his mouth was taped shut:

For reasons that are unclear, at some point during his performance Berry loudly advised everyone on board that his parents were worth “two million goddamn dollars.”  According to the most recent online articles, “Messages left by phone at his family’s home in Ohio and by email were not answered,” so Berry’s parents’ net worth has not been verified.

And, says the Miami Herald, Berry’s statements also included:

“You guys f—ing suck!”  

“You know what?  You f—ing suck!”  “Shut the f— up!”

Berry was charged, alas, only with misdemeanors, but, according to this article:

“The FAA has fined several passengers tens of thousands of dollars this year for clashing with airline crews over mask requirements and other safety instructions.  Earlier this year, the agency imposed a zero-tolerance policy for interfering with or assaulting flight attendants that carries a fine of up to $35,000 and possible jail time.”

Here’s a July 6 news release from the FAA:

According to the release, since January 1, 2021 the FAA has “proposed more than $682,000 in fines against unruly passengers.”

I think a fine for Maxwell Berry sounds like a fine thing:

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