I wasn’t paying much attention to the TV until my husband said, “Did you hear that?”

I hadn’t, so he repeated what he’d just heard and seen on a commercial:

“Life insurance so good, they’re gonna want you dead.”

I headed for the internet and learned this was a commercial for Ladder Life Insurance.

Now, life insurance as a topic is boring, at best.

Nobody wants to think or talk about life insurance, because you have to be dead to collect it, and then it doesn’t do you any good.

So, in an apparent attempt to make life insurance – I don’t know.  Fun?  Interesting? 


Ladder’s ad agency came up with the “they’re gonna want you dead” concept.

Here’s the premise:

Dad comes home from work, opens the front door, and that triggers a hatchet to swing toward him:

He holds up his briefcase to take the hit.

Next, the dog approaches with a stick of dynamite:

Which Dad takes and tosses away, blowing up an unseen part of his house.

Dad goes to the fridge for a soda, which launches a flying knife:

Which he avoids.

The last attempt on Dad’s life is an arrow:

Shot by his young daughter.

Do you find this fun?  Interesting?  Intriguing?

I didn’t.

But this writer at AdWeek did:

In the article the writer quotes people involved who indicate that they also thought “they’re gonna want you dead” was a winner, including this:

“Olivia Borsje, vp of marketing at Ladder, described the ad as ‘everything we were looking for.’

“‘It’s memorable, it’s relatable, but most importantly it’s different,’ she said.”

And this:

“Commercial director Casey Storm said he was immediately drawn to the ad’s unexpected premise.

“‘The concept made me laugh out loud,’ Storm said.  ‘I felt like it was comical, bold and distinctly unique in advertising.’”

I wonder if these same folks would find this “memorable” and “relatable”:

And maybe this would make them “laugh out loud”:

And for sure they’re thinking “comical, bold and distinctly unique” about this:

Sorry to rain on your parade, folks.

Actually, I’m not sorry at all.

In the name of selling life insurance, they used the premise of wanting someone dead.

In the name of selling life insurance, they used multiple attempts to kill a parent.

The Ladder commercial’s premise is gruesome, it’s horrible, and it’s also highly suggestive to young minds that suck in what they see on TV and perceive it as normal.

Normal to “want someone dead.”

To attempt to kill them.

As is to so often the case, I’m way out of step with popular thinking, as indicated by, which invites people to social media platforms to rate commercials.

The Ladder’s commercial was deemed “hilarious”:

Going back to the AdWeek article, the writer thought the commercial was “darkly humorous,” and the “But Seriously” disclaimer at the end was “entertaining”:

I wonder if the writer would find this double murder by a son for the parents’ life insurance money “entertaining” as well?

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