This Guy Is Totally…

Here’s a story that came and went quickly, as so many stories do in our 24/7 news cycle.

But this is too good a story to let come and go quickly.

So let’s go back to a Sunday evening in late October, to Kabuki restaurant in Woodland Hills, in Los Angeles County.


There’s a reason we Californians garner headlines like this:

Those “strictest vaccine mandates and masking policies” in the country include Los Angeles County, where all employees and customers are required to wear masks in a restaurant when not eating or drinking, regardless of vaccination status.

It’s no secret.

Signs are posted at restaurants, like this one on the Kabuki restaurant’s front door:

So when a maskless man – whom I’ll call “Maskless Man” – walked into Kabuki that Sunday evening, the hostess politely reminded him that masks were required. 

He refused to put on a mask.

And all Hell broke loose.

The Hell was caught on a cellphone video and accounts vary a bit, so I’m using information from several sources, including this one from KCAL:

Maskless Man “got angry after a hostess asked him to wear a mask.  The customer can be seen aggressively pointing his finger and heard yelling, ‘You go f— yourself,’ at the hostess.”

Here’s that confrontation:

“When another customer tried to intervene on the hostess’ behalf, the maskless man pushed him.”

Here’s the push – Maskless Man is on the right:

And then…

My hero.

You have to see the video to appreciate it, but here’s what happened.

About two seconds after the push, my hero – in the dark blue hat – appears from the left and punches Maskless Man:

And this was no wussy punch.  This was a full-on fist to the face that knocked off Maskless Man’s glasses.  Maskless Man goes flying backwards and lands on the floor near the front door.

As another customer appears to be politely opening the door for him, Maskless Man gets up and continues loudly mouthing off, but it’s clear he’s leaving:

The KCAL story said,

“The maskless man claimed he was assaulted but left soon after the altercation.  Los Angeles police said no one requested medical help and no arrests were made.”

A different media outlet reported that during the confrontation with the hostess, Maskless Man also said, “Do you know what happens when you discriminate?  We’re gonna fuck your restaurant up!”

While this source, the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail:

Reported that quote as, “you’re going to f*ck your restaurant up!”

The Daily Mail also said the punch appeared to knock out Maskless Man’s tooth before he went “scurrying out of the restaurant without his glasses – and perhaps a few teeth.”

His departure was accompanied by jeers, and shouts of “Get out!”

And ignominious retreat. 

I call that a happy ending.

But…I’m conflicted.

I’m opposed to violence, yet it was SO satisfying to see Maskless Man get his comeuppance.

Maskless Man, who was Mr. Brave when he was yelling at the petite female hostess and pushing around a customer described as “elderly.”

But when My Hero stepped in and decked Maskless Man, he backed off in a hurry.

Maskless Man is a bully and a coward, and he’s so self-centered that he doesn’t care that he’s possibly risking the health of others by exposing them to COVID.

When Maskless Man relates this story to his friends – if he has any – he will no doubt start off with, “I was just minding my own business, and walked into this restaurant…” and finish with, “And this guy comes out of nowhere and punches me in the face.  For no reason!”

If Maskless Man goes looking for sympathy, here’s my suggestion:

Update, November 8:  Maskless Man is going to be really unhappy about this:

Starting today, in addition to wearing a mask, in Los Angeles he’ll have to show vaccine proof before he can walk into a restaurant and lots of other places. 

Maybe he’ll do us all a favor and just…stay home:

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