Trump Immortalizes “Toilet Paper” Moment On His New Book Cover

If you write a book and no respectable publishing house will touch it, what do you do?

Well, if you’re Donald Trump, you hire two bozos with no publishing experience:

And tell them to publish your book.

On the left in the above image is, of course, Donald Trump Jr., who is much more widely known as a killer of animals…

…than as a rising star of the publishing industry.

The other image is of Sergio Gor, and I had to do some digging to learn about him.  I did find this…

And apparently Gor has evolved from a boring fringe nonentity into a boring chief of staff for the Trump campaign’s finance committee, and now a boring pseudo-publisher.

Neither this article nor any other mentioned Gor having publishing experience.

The bozos named the company “Winning Team Publishing” – I don’t know why, since the “team” lost in 2020.

This image on the right appears to be their logo – I don’t know why they’re calling him “President,” since he lost in 2020.

The company – such as it is – has a website, where we get a preview of the book’s contents:  photos and captions, some of the latter handwritten by Trump:

We learned about Trump’s book in mid-November, and I enjoyed reading this:

And this:

And this:

Here are a few of those Twitter critics:

The book’s title is Our Journey Together and it was released on December 7.

I assume it includes some of Trump’s finest moments (with handwritten captions), like when he mocked a disabled reporter:

And when he threw paper towels at people after the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico:

And during his July 4, 2019 speech…

… when he talked about 1775 revolutionary soldiers “taking over the airports”:

The price of the book is $74.99, or $229.99 for a signed copy.

Remember when Trump had COVID and was in Walter Reed Hospital in October 2020?  And he posed for this picture, signing blank paper?

Now we know:

He was practicing his signature for his new book.

Which you can’t have.

Yup – according to the Winning Team website,

“The first batch of 100,000 has already sold out!  The second print will start shipping out in January 2022!”

True or otherwise – and I vote for the latter – this is repeated elsewhere on the website:

So, there goes my Christmas, and yours.

No Trump book under the Christmas tree.

There is an upside, though.

Our Journey Together can be ordered now, and as a consolation prize, buyers will receive this holiday card, at no charge.

Complete with toilet paper:

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