‘Tis The Season For Stories About New Year Resolutions, And Let’s…

Over the past few weeks, print, online and on-air media have been hammering us with 2022 New Year’s resolution stories.

The number of resolutions on offer range from small:

To ridiculous:

To insane:

Sixty New Year’s resolutions?

This story describes its resolutions as “modest”:

And this one as “funny”:

And there’s a slew of New Year’s resolution articles that are sports-related, like this one:

There are health experts offering resolutions:

And financial experts offering resolutions:

And fashion experts offering resolutions:

For this post, I googled “new year’s resolutions 2022” and got more than 71 million results:

We are drowning in a sea of New Year’s resolution stories:

And I haven’t even gotten started on stories about how to manage resolutions, like this one:

And I won’t get started.

Because the bottom line is:

New Year’s resolutions are a set-up to fail.

And I refuse to set myself up to fail.

Not that there isn’t plenty of room for improvement for me – there is.

But I think New Year’s resolutions are not the way to go.  They’re often unrealistic, frustrating, and ineffective.

What do you think?

If, over the next week or two, a friend or family member or co-worker asks about your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps consider saying:

“My resolution is to not make resolutions.”

And if they start making negative noises.

Feel free to…

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