Hello, Everybody!  It’s Time To Play…

The television game show Jeopardy! has been around for many years, and I have never been on it.

And I will never be on it.

I don’t aspire to be on Jeopardy! because I would make a lousy contestant.  I’d freeze up, I’d choke up, and at some point I’d probably throw up.

The opposite is true for this Jeopardy! contestant:

This is Amy Schneider who, as of Friday, January 7, has achieved 28 wins, and won $1.02 million playing Jeopardy!

She’s been making headlines for weeks:

Her 14th win – December 20th:

Her 22nd win – December 30th:

Her 26th win – January 5:

The fact that she’s a transgender woman has appeared in headlines:

And the fact that she was robbed made headlines, too:

To achieve the success that Amy has, you have to love accumulating facts, most of which you’ll never use – unless you appear on Jeopardy! 

If you appear on Jeopardy! you must have retained those facts, and be able to access a specific fact in a matter of seconds. 

For example, here’s a Final Jeopardy! question Amy faced in December:

The Final Jeopardy! music is playing…the clock is ticking…Amy and the other contestants are writing…

Amy nails it – and wins!

The Carpathia, by the way, was the ship that rescued the roughly 700 surviving crew members and passengers of the Titanic.

How is Amy – how is anyone – able to learn, retain, and access obscure stuff like this?

Amy says, “Just be curious.”  And, “The way to know a lot of stuff is to want to know a lot of stuff.”

Well, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be on Jeopardy!


If you are curious, and you know a lot of stuff, and think you’d be a great Jeopardy! contestant…

And to demonstrate that I’m not the least bit jealous or anything…

Let me add to your vast store of knowledge with a fact I recently encountered that just might help you nail that Final Jeopardy! question:


You’re on the show…the Final Jeopardy! music is playing…the clock is ticking…you and the other contestants are writing…

Show Host:  Time’s up!  What’s your Final Jeopardy! answer?

Show Host:  Oh, no!  That’s not even close!  The answer is…

Show Host:  And what was your Final Jeopardy! wager?


Show Host:  Oh, that’s too bad!  How humiliating!  You bet it all and lost everything!  You’re going home with nothing!

While Amy…

“Already the highest-earning female contestant in the quiz show’s history and the woman with the longest winning streak, on Friday she became one of only four Jeopardy! players to reach seven figures in regular-season winnings.”

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