Which Of These Is A Picture From San Diego?

Answer:  Both.

To clarify, both are pictures of San Diego County.

It’s easy to think of the San Diego environs like this:

But sometimes, in the winter, parts of San Diego County also look like this:

And this:

And this:

And while one part of San Diego County is seeing temps like these in late February and early March:

Another part of the county is seeing this:

In fact, lots of people like to say that they can go from freezing in snow to sunning at the beach in the same morning – without ever leaving the county.

People who live here consider snow a wonderful novelty.

But I grew up in snow – in Michigan – and it’s neither wonderful nor a novelty to me.

Snow is to be avoided.


Many people who live here are big on going to the snow in San Diego County.

This is voluntary – they choose to be in snow.

This baffles me.

Choosing snow involves a drive east, and since many people do this, they end up sitting in traffic like this:

Both on their way to the snow, and on their way from it.

These people spend money on warm clothes to wear in the snow, clothes you otherwise don’t need here…

And buy the sleds or whatevers to play in the snow…

They walk around in the snow…

And deliberately lay down in the snow…

And pose half-naked for pictures in the snow…


In Michigan, I couldn’t wait for the snow to be gone.  In San Diego County, people look forward to snow.

In Michigan, for months in winter, kids looked like this:

Pile on the layers, get to school, peel off the layers, pile the layers back on, go home.

Day after week after month.

As an adult, just change the clothes for larger sizes:

Pile on the layers, go to work, peel off the layers, pile the layers back on, go home.

Day after week after month.

In Michigan the roads are awful, the skies are mostly gray, the heating bills are enormous, and everyone knows what “wind chill” means.

I was so happy to leave Michigan weather behind and move to Southern California.

And I’ll leave choosing to be in snow to others.

While they’re slogging through snow fields…

I’ll be admiring the Carlsbad flower fields, which opened yesterday:

I’ll stay in my part of San Diego County, where today it will be a sunny, balmy 72 degrees.

My part of San Diego County, where instead of a snowman we make a sandman:

One last thing:

Based on my too-many-years-of-snow experience, if you have an occasion to be in snow wherever it may be…

Don’t do this:


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