This Is The Image That Went To My Heart

Saturday was the 10th day since Russia’s war against Ukraine began.

A war that now – according to Putin’s new law – must instead be called a “special military operation.”

The images we’ve seen since Putin started this war began have been awful, sometimes unbelievable, and often heartbreaking.

On that Saturday I was reading my newspaper, and the headlines were much as they’d been for 10 days – and worse:

“Russian Military Bears Down on Kyiv”

“U.S., Allies in Europe Rush Weapons to Ukrainians”

“Russia Imposes New Censorship Measures”

“Expecting Mothers Await Birth in Bunker”

But out of all the stories and all the images we’re seeing from Ukraine, it was one image in that Saturday newspaper that went to my heart.

This image:

The caption was simple:

“A man presses his palms against the window as he says goodbye to his 5-year-old daughter aboard a train to Lviv at the Kyiv station Friday.”

The father’s hands frame his daughter’s face.

Her face is almost a ghostly image as she looks down at him.  She is not smiling.  She knows something bad is going on.

She may not understand what Russia is doing to her country, but she understands that she’s on a train and her daddy is on the other side of the glass, instead of being on the train with her.

She, too, is pressing her hands against the glass.

Is the daughter traveling with her mother?  Siblings?

Is the father staying behind to fight?

Will the daughter and those she’s traveling with stay in Lviv?  Or are they heading for the border to take refuge in another country, like so many others?

“More than 1.3 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began.”

The journey from Kyiv to Lviv is about 291 miles.  By train that can take from 5.5 to 8.5. hours:

IF the train is allowed to move unimpeded through the war-torn country…

This is mighty Mr. Putin’s war:

A war on 5-year-olds:

Will they see each other again?

And what will Kyiv look like, if they return?

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