Nice Kitty.  Now, Go Away, Kitty.  Far, Far Away…

The City of Irvine, CA is about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles and has a population of 304,408.

Make that 304,409.

Here’s the newest resident:

In late March on a nice spring day around 1pm, according to this story and many others:

The mountain lion – they’re also known as cougars – prowled the parking lot, and strolled past these outdoor diners…

…who, instead of looking for a place to hide, stood up like they were at a football game watching their team score the winning touchdown.

At one point an officer shot the cougar with a taser gun…

…but the cougar just kept going and going and going.

Eventually it walked in through the open door of a business and past this employee…

…who survived the encounter unscathed.  The employee had just arrived from Great Britain, and I’m betting he couldn’t wait to get back there.

The mountain lion was a 200-pound male.  Animal control officers were able to sedate him:

The officers took the big cat to a vet whose procedure include this glamour shot:

And lest you have any doubt about how big this cat was:

The mountain lion was pronounced the healthy, and the next day:

He was released back into the wild.

Going back to Tuesday, after the mountain lion was caught, the Irvine Police Department (IPD) – whose motto is “Serve, Protect, and Produce Awful Puns” – crafted this for Facebook:

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