Things That Go Bump In The Night In A Store

You may have heard the old idiom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Meaning, what one person considers worthless could be highly valued by someone else.

For this story, I’ve paraphrased that old idiom:

One man’s rudeness is a woman’s treasure.

Here’s what happened:

Back in November 2021, LaQuedra Edwards was at a Von’s Supermarket in Tarzana, CA, about an hour northwest of Los Angeles:

Nothing unusual about that.

She was going to buy some Lottery tickets, her preferred selection of cheaper-priced favorites.

Nothing unusual about that.

She put $40 into the Von’s Lottery Scratchers vending machine was poised to start selecting which numbers she wanted.

Then a rude guy bumped into her. 

He just kept going, out the door, not bothering to apologize.

Nothing unusual about that – someone being rude.

That bump caused LaQuedra to accidentally push a wrong number on the machine. 

Down dropped a $30 200X Scratchers ticket that she had no intention of buying, and didn’t want:

Darn it! 

That left LaQuedra only $10 dollars to buy a much-reduced number of Lottery tickets.

LaQuedra was irritated, and who wouldn’t be?

LaQuedra collected her tickets, walked out to her car and decided that since she was stuck with that unwanted $30 200X Scratchers ticket, she might as well have a look.

She scratched.

She saw.

She saw that she’d won…

So verifies this April 6 press release from the California Lottery:

I love stories like this.

According to this article in the Washington Post:

“The odds of winning $10 million – the top prize – playing the 200X Scratchers are 1 in more than 3 million, according to the statistics from the state lottery.”

Add to that the odds of someone bumping into you just at the moment you were going to touch a number, and the odds of your finger just happening to land on the wrong number, and the odds of that wrong number instead just happening to turn out to be the right number…

Love it.

It’s no wonder LaQuedra said this, as quoted in the Lottery press release:

“I didn’t really believe it at first, but I got on the 405 freeway and kept looking down at (the ticket), and I almost crashed my car,” Edwards joked.  “I pulled over, looked at it again and again, scanned it with my (California Lottery mobile) app, and I just kept thinking this can’t be right,” she said.

“I’m still in shock,” she told officials.  “All I remember saying once I found out how much I just won was, ‘I’m rich!’”

LaQuedra is, indeed, rich.

The release also said that LaQuedra plans to use her winnings to buy a house and launch a nonprofit organization.

I hope that whatever LaQuedra does with her winnings, it works out well for her.

For so many, it doesn’t.  The media is full of stories about people who are big Lottery winners and turn into big Life losers, like in these recent articles:

And here’s a sad statistic from this recent article:

“…about 70 percent of lotto winners lose or spend all that money in five years or less.”

I also hope LaQuedra isn’t besieged at the front door of that new house by family members and strangers and others…

Who all suddenly want to be best friend$$$$$$.

And that guy who bumped into LaQuedra?

I hope someday he learns that his rude, worthless behavior…

Turned into a woman’s treasure.

And that LaQuedra experiences only good things from…

Things That Go Bump In The Night In A Store.

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