Now, This Is One Happy Little Giraffe:

Every time I look at the above picture, I smile.

I’ve got a thing for giraffes, as I talked about in my May 20 post.

That post was about the little gal on the right, Msituni (pronounced See-TU-Nee, Swahili for “In the forest”).  She’s now five months old.

The giraffe on the left, Nuru, is grooming Msituni. 

Msituni is liking it.

The image was taken last week in the East African habitat at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Because I felt like ending the week on a high note, I’m happy to say that now – thanks to human intervention and creative thinking – Msituni is thriving and doing all the things a giraffe her age should be doing.

She was about six feet tall at birth, will grow to around 14 feet tall…

…and she’ll eat up to 75 pounds of leaves a day.

When Msituni is three to four years old, she might start having babies.

But in the meantime, Msituni can be found frolicking with the rest of the giraffe herd in the Safari Park’s 60-acre East Africa savanna habitat…

And just being cute:

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