Here’s An Entrepreneurial Option I Hadn’t Considered

(This is a story that involves an incident at a homeless encampment, but it is not a story about homeless issues.)

There was a time when I thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I’d grown weary of the 9-to-5, five days week.  Weary of horrible managers, and coworkers who were more slackers than workers.  Weary of endless meetings, and office politics, and work that was sometimes mind-numbingly boring.

“I want to work for myself,” I’d think.  “I want to be an entrepreneur.  And get rich, like these guys…”

But doing…


That’s where I was stumped.  I couldn’t think of anything I was burning to do that I could turn into a viable business.

Silly me:

I never considered…

Like one group of entrepreneurial folks recently did.

These were not your everyday thieves.  You know – break into a home or business, grab the goods, get caught on video, get caught, arrested, convicted.

No, sir.

This group demonstrated a number of the qualities described in this article:

The 20 Signs list includes:

#1:  You plan your work, then work your plan.
#2:  You are self-motivated.
#4:  You are a risk-taker.
#6: You’re a self-starter.
#8:  You take advantage of available resources.
#9:  You love to juggle many tasks at once.
#11:  You’re not afraid of failure.
#12:  You’re a creative problem-solver.
#17: You’re a go-getter.

Here’s the story, from San Jose, CA:

But before anybody stole acquired anything, the thieves entrepreneurs built an underground bunker to house their acquisitions:

Clearly an example of…

#6:  You’re a self-starter.

And they didn’t just pick any old location to build their bunker – they chose a homeless encampment, knowing that homeless encampments are places most people avoid. 

Nobody’s going to stroll into a homeless encampment as say, “Anybody seen bunker around here?” – right?

So again yes, from the list…

#12:  You’re a creative problem-solver.

Then our group built their bunker.  Various articles described it as “elaborate” and “sophisticated,” and it is:

Walls and a ceiling and sturdy wooden beams for support.

#1:  You plan your work, then work your plan.

And not only that, there were also electric cords that were “plugged into somebody’s else’s source.”

Another source, like a home or business.  And when that family or business saw their electric bill increasing for no apparent reason, well – California utility companies increase our rates on a regular basis for no apparent reason.  We’re used to it.

#8:  You take advantage of available resources.

While the bunker building was going on, our entrepreneurs were also conferring about whom to rob acquire items from, and when.  This would have required extensive research, a careful assessment of potential gains, and probably an excessive amount of whiteboarding, because no meeting is complete without that.

Yet another entrepreneurial quality checked off our list:

#9:  You love to juggle many tasks at once.

A date was chosen:  Monday, July 11.

A source was identified:  An electrical contractor business.

The potential gains identified:   Power tools, hunting shotguns, ammunition and other items.

#17:  You’re a go-getter.

Transportation would be needed to move the items, so our group stole acquired three pickup trucks from the same business, a real time-saver.

#4:  You are a risk-taker, and #11:  You’re not afraid of failure.

Monday, July 11:  Our entrepreneurs acquire $100,000 worth of power tools, guns, ammunition and other items.

True entrepreneurs, one and all!

But then, alas…

On the very day our group implemented the heist Part II of their business plan…

One of our entrepreneurs exhibited a quality that definitely was not on the 20 Signs list:


According to this article:

“Officers saw one of the stolen trucks in the area and stopped a man near the vehicle on Monday, after the theft was reported to authorities.

“Police said that man was searched by officers because he was on probation for auto theft and that he had a ghost gun, the term used for privately assembled firearms that are usually impossible to trace because they are not registered and do not have serial numbers.”

Oh, dear.  Our entrepreneur was already on probation for auto theft, and now he’s found with a stolen acquired truck and a ghost gun?

One thing led to another, and on Tuesday, July 12 the bunker was searched, and five more people were arrested:

Police tweets were tweeted:

Pictures of guns, ammo and power tools were taken:

Shadows were interviewed:

Headlines were made, including internationally, this one from the United Kingdom:

And this one, from Fox News:

Fox News suggested that our thieves entrepreneurs were left-wing Democrat communist deep state pinkos led by Hilary Clinton who were going to foment an uprising to reverse the November 2022 election results if any Republicans won.

I’m not sure how power tools would fit into that plan, but since it’s Fox News, it must be true.

And it fulfills the last item on our 20 Items list:

#2:  You are self-motivated.

Based on all this, I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I’m just not entrepreneur material.

Nevertheless, if I may…

I’d like to make one suggestion that was not included in the 20 Items article for our San Jose entrepreneurs to consider:

#21:  You love putting together a business plan
and meeting with venture capitalists

If your business plan is going to include a team photo, you might want to consider a different image than this one:

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