Part 2 of 2:  I Love Learning…

(This is the sequel to Part 1 from Friday, September 30.)

I started Part 1 by talking about the new word I’d learned:


And how well it applied to Trump’s fake coats of arms.

How did I first learn about Trump’s fake coats of arms? 

I was doing research for an earlier blog post and happened across this article:

The article is about Trump’s Boeing 757 which he modestly calls “Trump Force One,” and recounts many details about the plane’s interior including this:

“Fabrics were flown in from Paris, including the Trump family crest embroidered into the headrests of the seats with gold thread.”

Trump family crest?” I thought.

No, no, no, no, no.

No family crest, no coat of arms, no, none, none of the above.

There was absolutely no way Trump has been awarded a family crest (that is, a coat of arms) by a monarch.

Of course not.

As I said in Part 1…

Trump stole it.

In Part 1 I said that Trump has two fake coats of arms:

Now let’s move on to Trump’s fake coat of arms #2, above on the right.

In 2008 Trump was marketing his new golf course in Aberdeenshire, on Scotland’s east coast.  But the above fake coat of arms #2 he was using in his marketing materials ran afoul of the coat-of-arms authorities in Scotland – and I mean really afoul – and it was big news.

In Great Britain:


And internationally:

According to this article:

“The crest used by the billionaire to promote his controversial proposals has fallen foul of a 336-year-old law.

“He faces being brought before an Edinburgh court, fined, and ordered to remove the insignia and any flags bearing the design.”

Now, this is where things get confusing, and things often do when Trump in involved.

The above Daily Record article described Trump’s law-breaking coat of arms as follows:

“The crest shows the Trump name along with a spear-wielding fist above a knight’s helmet on a shield of lions and chevrons and is understood to have been designed by the tycoon himself.”

That describes the image on below on the right, which was copied (stolen) from Joseph Edward Davies’ legitimate coat of arms on the left:

The image on the right was clearly not designed by “the tycoon himself,” though I have no trouble imagining Trump saying exactly that.

While this article:

Says that Trump began promoting his golf course in Scotland:

“…with a coat-of-arms that someone in the Trump Organization designed:   a shield with three chevrons and two stars, with a helmet above the shield and a crest of a lion waving a flag…”

Which clearly is this image:

The closeup on the right is a variation in living, lurid color.

This is the fake coat of arms #2 is what Trump was using in Scotland.

Mistakenly – in my opinion – the Scottish authorities eventually granted Trump permission to use fake coat of arms #2.  Probably because they were enraptured by this description, no doubt also concocted by “someone in the Trump Organization”:

“Three chevronels are used to denote the sky, sand dunes and sea – the essential components of the [Scotland golf resort] site – and the double-sided eagle represents the dual nature and nationality of Trump’s heritage.  The eagle clutches golf balls, making reference to the great game of golf, and the motto ‘Numquam Concedere’ is Latin for ‘Never Give Up’ – Trump’s philosophy.”

I’m sure Trump was pleased with this description, especially the Latin part.

Renowned Latin scholar that he is.

Though perhaps Trump a bit less pleased that he now had a coat of arms legitimatized by Scotland.

In this instance he was no longer breaking the law, and we know how Trump loves doing that.

The Trump toady who wrote the above description failed to mention that the “double-sided eagle” – more correctly know as a “double-headed eagle” – has long been a symbol of royalty, and material and spiritual power.  For example, the imperial Romanov dynasty of Russia used it:

As did the Habsburgs, imperial emperors of Austria-Hungary:

Were they still around, I doubt either imperial house would have welcomed this Trumpiest connection.

Trump’s coat of arms with the double-headed eagle clutching golf balls…

…is without a doubt the Trumpiest part of this Trumpiest travesty.

Seriously?  The eagle is clutching golf balls?

Now I’m imaging that “someone in the Trump Organization” who designed phony coat of arms #2:

Toady #1:  Trump told me to, like, come up with a new coat of arms for the Scotland golf course.  Like, yesterday!  What am I gonna do?

Toady #4:  Just google coat-of-armsy stuff and throw it together – like lions!  Lions are hot on coats of arms.

Toady #1:  Lions, OK.  What else?

Toady #4:  Oh…stars and bars and crap like that, you know? 

Toady #1:  Yeah, got it.  Hey – what about an eagle, like on the one-dollar bill?  You know, holding stuff in its feet, right?

Toady #4:  Right.  And…(thinks for a moment).  Why not give the eagle, you know – two heads?  Cuz two heads are better than one?

Toady #1 (snickering):  I thought you were going to say because Trump is so two-faced.

Toady #4:  Shhh!  Don’t let anyone hear you say that!

Toady #1:  Yeah, yeah, you’re right.  Hey, what should our two-headed eagle be holding in its feet, like on the one-dollar bill?

(Several moments of silence, and then…)

Toadies, in unison:  Golf balls!

And fake coat of arms #2 was born.

The ball-clutching eagle can be seen at Trump’s gold courses in Scotland and Ireland:

Which clearly are benefitting from displaying Trump’s fake coat of arms:

Where’s does this all leave us?

Well, I learned a new word – Trumpiest – and if I may say so, used it widely and, I hope, well.

Trump will continue waving his flags with his fake coats of arms at his U.S. and European golf courses:

And pissing off people:

And remember Mr. Tydings from Part 1, the former United States senator from Maryland who is the grandson of Joseph Edward Davies? 

Joseph Edward Davies married Marjorie Merriweather Post in 1935 – she was the socialite who built Mar-a-Lago.  In 1939, British authorities granted the legit coat of arms (below, left) to Davies which Trump then stole after he bought Mar-a-Lago, slapped his name on it, and has used it ever since – without permission (below, right).

In the 2017 New York Times article, Mr. Tydings was asked what Ms. Post and his grandfather would make of Mr. Trump.

“‘I knew him and the way he operates,’ Mr. Tydings said.  ‘And the way he operates, you don’t sue Trump, because you’ll be in court for years and years and years.’

“His grandfather, he added, ‘would be rolling over in his grave to think Trump was using his crest.’”

As for me – I think I’ve just found a Trumpiest that may out-Trump the coats-of-arms Trumpiest.

This has to do with Trump’s claim of declassifying the government documents he’s been illegally hoarding at Mar-a-Lago.

According to this September 22 article:

This from Trump:

“If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified – even by thinking about it,” Trump said.

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