Oh – No, No, No.  This Cannot Be Good.

Carlsbad, CA is on the coast about 35 miles north of San Diego.  It’s a nice town…

…with lovely beaches:

The population is about 116,000; their median income is around $113,000; and the median home price is $1.3M.

And this article:

Included Carlsbad among its “10 U.S. Cities” where the rich love to live.

That would not be me.

My husband and I were passing through Carlsbad, stopped at a traffic signal, when I noticed a building sign. Part of it was obscured by trees; this is what I saw:

“What the hell,” I thought, “is that?”

A brothel, thinly disguised?

Not in downtown-upscale Carlsbad.

A revival of a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers 1930s musical?

Don’t think so.

A school for those wishing to sharpen their alliteration skills?

Because, gosh – “Lovely Little Ladies” is practically the definition of alliteration.

I made a note of the name, looked for a website when I got home and…

Here’s the full sign:

Lovely Little Ladies is a company that targets young girls…

…and younger girls…

…who are in dire need of, as the website puts it:

“…signature spa services – manicures, pedicures, facials, make-up and glam-hairstyling…”

Calling all 10-year-olds!

Lovely Little Ladies is the go-to place for…

Facials, including cucumbers (or pickles?) on the eyes…

…manicures and makeup…

And the “Doll Me Up” hair salon…

…where girls get “glam-hairstyling” like these for just $65 and $70.

All this because 10-year-olds are so frazzled by life that they need cucumbers (or pickles?) on their eyes?

Apparently yes – all of this is clearly fulfilling every young girl’s dream.  It says so on the Lovely Little Ladies Facebook page, so it must be true:

Their Facebook page also says (here’s the image at the top of this post, this time full-on):

To be one of the “cool kids” you must come to Lovely Little Ladies.


You’re not one of us.

And this all pisses me off – from the first word of the company’s name to their images (yuck, all that pink) to their online language.


Because the Lovely Little Ladies’ message to young girls from the get-go is:

You are all about…

Sure, the owners pay lip service to how Lovely Little Ladies…

“…has created a space where she can feel whole, complete and comfortable to be her best self.”

And how this experience will help girls:

“…follow their passion and conquer their dreams, feeling fabulous, fearless, and fierce!”

But only if they come to Lovely Little Ladies to focus on…

Lovely Little Ladies also invites moms to join their daughters; for example, at the “Boujee Babes Group Spa” for oh, maybe $500 or $600…

Because, says the website:

“We are an all-inclusive company of everything Mother & Daughter needed for lasting memories.”

But…if the moms are otherwise occupied that day – say, joining other ladies-who-lunch and posting foodie pictures on Instagram (where they secretly aspire to become influencers) …

Moms can pass their daughters the plastic…

And send the girls off for a full day of focusing on…

And don’t forget:  Hanging out with the “cool kids.”

Speaking of being inclusive, let’s go back to that “all-inclusive company” quote.

Here’s my suggestion for the Lovely Little Ladies company:

If you’re sincere about being “all-inclusive…”

Why not include boys?

Why not?

You have stereotyping-pink bathrobes for the girls – just stock up on blue bathrobes for the boys and you’ll double your stereotyping and your business!

Then girls and boys can buy those bathrobes for just $55, or go for the robe and slipper combo for a mere $80; throw in some personalized party swag bags at just $25 each; and add that perfect finishing touch:  Bling!  A tiara and sash for just $65 are sure to be a big hit with all the kids:

Now that would be all-inclusive.

How about it, Little Lovely Ladies?


The folks at Lovely Little Ladies don’t seem warm to this idea.

Well, if you prefer to keep your environment all-female, how about if you suggest to moms – parents – that they encourage their girls and boys to have equal time in this environment:

What’s that?  You’ve never heard of STEAM?  Or STEAM Camps?

STEAM camps are in-person camp programs for kids that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – hence the acronym.

According to this and other articles:

Exposure to STEAM learning can help generate better test scores and an improved sense of well-being, and also help children succeed in both school and real life by combining the scientific method with the creative process.

The “scientific method” – for girls, too?

What a concept!

And…STEAM Camps are lots of fun – and all-inclusive.

So, Moms – how about it?

If you’re going to send your daughters to Lovely Little Ladies to focus on…

How about equal time at a STEAM Camp, where they can focus on…

How about it, Moms? 

Moms…are you listening?

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