Wait – Is It Really 6am…Or 5am…Or…?

Have you been busy turning your clocks back this morning?

Politicians have been busy, too, but not with clock changing.

Instead, politicians are busy with election-related stuff.

The 2022 election being tomorrow and all that.

Republicans are busy with full-time sucking up to Donald Trump.

Democrats are busy with full-time pretending that they aren’t going to lose the House, the Senate, and then the White House in 2024.

So maybe when the election dust settles, the politicians – while they still have their jobs – could turn their attention to this issue, one that everyone wants resolved:

Daylight Saving Time is important because:

  1. Everyone says “Daylight Savings” but there’s no final “s” in “Saving” so everyone is wrong.
  2. People in most states must change their clocks or they’ll be way early or way late for work.
  3. It’s the only thing members of the Senate have unanimously agreed on in recent – or long-term – memory.
  4. All of the above.

Answer:  #4.

And – yes!  #3 is true, hard as that is to believe.  Back in March:

“After losing an hour of sleep over the weekend, members of the United States Senate returned to the Capitol this week a bit groggy and in a mood to put an end to all this frustrating clock changing. 

“So on Tuesday, with almost no warning and no debate, the Senate unanimously passed legislation to do away with the biannual springing forward and falling back that most Americans have come to despise, in favor of making daylight saving time permanent.  The bill’s fate in the House was not immediately clear, but if the legislation were to pass there and be signed by President Biden, it would take effect in November 2023.”

The stop-changing-clocks legislation has a rather sweet name:

The Sunshine Protection Act went to the House, and since then…

That was in July, and this was in September:

This is now:

And this will be us for the foreseeable future:

Because in the House, according to the The Hill article:

“‘I can’t say it’s a priority,’ Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told The Hill recently.

“‘We have so many other priorities, but it doesn’t mean because it’s not a priority that we’re not trying to work on it.  We are…’”

We are…

Not a priority.

And the day after election day, passing the Sunshine Protection Act won’t be a priority either.

Because the day after election day, lots of politicians are still going to be busy, but not because they’re doing this:

They’ll be busy with other priorities like this…

And this:


Maybe I’m wrong?

Maybe on election day, Democrats won’t lose the House, the Senate, and then the White House in 2024!

And then the House can pass the Sunshine Protection Act…

And President Biden will sign it…

…and we can stop changing our clocks…

And we’ll all live…

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