I Think I’m Having A Thanksgiving…

I’m guessing most of us know that if you’re making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, it costs more this year – significantly more:

Inflation is hitting most all of us, and here comes my conundrum – my “confusing and difficult problem or question”:

Americans are hurting from inflation, yet Americans are also handing over money at a “record pace” to…

“Figures released November 9 show the U.S. commercial casino industry had its best quarter ever, winning over $15 billion from gamblers in the third quarter of this year.”

In other words, in just three months – July, August and September – gamblers gave $15 billion+ to casinos.

Let’s consider that $15 billion+.

The population of the U.S. is around 332 million people, and we know not every U.S. resident goes to casinos.

So let’s hypothesize that half of U.S. residents go to casinos – 166 million people.

For those 166 million people to lose $15 billion+ in three months, each of those 166 million people had to lose at least $90 at casinos.

Now let’s go back to those more expensive Thanksgiving dinners.  The CNN article says:

“A feast for 10 with 12 menu items including a turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin pie mix will cost $64.05 on average – up $10.74 from last year.”

So an increase of almost $11 for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10.

How many of those 166 million people who lost at least $90 in the third quarter at casinos – are also whining about the high cost of Thanksgiving?

Many of them.  I’ll say most of them.

Maybe all of them.

Yet how can they whine about the high cost of Thanksgiving, when they’re losing money at casinos – money that would have covered that $64.05 Thanksgiving dinner for 10…

With money left over?

That’s my Thanksgiving conundrum.

So, if any of you out there can help me figure this out – people complaining about the high cost of Thanksgiving while they’re doing this…

But if you can’t solve my conundrum – that’s OK.

And let’s all…

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