Rant: Earth to Notorious R.B.G.

I’m not one for holding grudges.

Well, yes, I am.

And if I’m going to hold a grudge, why not for a good, long time?

Say, several years?

Against someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t care, and never will?

The someone is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (online nickname:  Notorious R.B.G.), and the grudge stems from something she said on October 8, 2013.

Location:       The Supreme CourtSupreme Court

Occasion:     The Hearing on Campaign Contributions

And though she was quoted by The New York Times, CNN and other media, as far as I can tell, not one of them picked up on this.

I realize the focus of the Court was campaign contributions, so maybe this was overlooked amidst all the posturing and politicking around a volatile subject.

But I think it’s grudge-worthy.

2013? you say.  Ancient history!  I say not.  Justice Bader Ginsburg said it then, she meant it then, and there’s no reason to doubt she still feels the same.

Are you ready?

“By having these limits you are promoting democratic parRuth_08ticipation, then the little people will count some, and you won’t have the super-affluent as the speakers that will control the elections,” said Justice Bader Ginsburg.

The “little people”?

Excuse me, Justice Bader Ginsburg?

To whom, exactly, are you referring?

Are you referring to the little people who will hand over $251,800 tax dollars this year to pay you to sit on that well-padded bench?

Are you rePensionferring to the little people who are also on the hook for paying you a lifetime pension, even though for most of us, pensions are a thing of the past?

Are you referring to the little people who have to scramble and sacrifice to pay for decent health care insurance – which you don’t?

Are you referring to the little people who don’t have lifetime employment, and a three-month paid annual vacation – which you do?

For you to use a phrase so trivializing, so marginalizing, and so degrading indicates that you have spent way too much time in the rarified atmosphere of our nation’s highest No Littlecourt, and not nearly enough time among us little people.

If you had, you’d realize that when it comes to Americans…

There are no little people.


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