Rant: Courtesy, Schmurtesy

There’s a rumor going around that July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

I’d say it’s more like Cell Phone Stupidity Month.

Just look at these examples, from this month alone:

on plane

“Courtesy?   Of course I’m courteous!  I called my husband to let him know my flight was taking off two hours late, and yes, I was loud, because those stupid flight attendants were in the aisle talking about that useless safety stuff, and besides, how else would hubby know my flight was late, it’s not like he can go on the Internet and find out, right?”


“Ashley, I can barely hear you.  The stupid dentist keeps interrupting me.”

crossing the street_01

“Ashley, I can barely hear you.  These stupid drivers keep honking at me.”


“So, like, our art teacher?  She, like, said we had to come to like, this museum place?  Or else we’d, like, flunk the class?”

couple at dinner on phones

Pokemon Go Gen 2…That is like, so last week.

eat and phone_06

“Who, me?  Eating?  No!  Why do you ask?”


“Who, me?  In the bathroom?  No!  Why do you ask?”

dog and phone

He’s your dog.  Do you know where else his mouth has been?

eat and phone_03

You’re talking into your hot dog!  You’re supposed to eat your hot dog and talk into the phone!

at the beach

“Beach?  What beach?”

selfie and shark_02

“Teeth?  What Teeth?”

And finally, not that anyone would ever do this…

Gas station

“Who, me?  On the phone?  No!  Why do you ask?”


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