Ten Tips to Save Your Time and Simplify Your Life

Prison_Break_season_1_dvdUnless you live in a cave – well, even if you do – chances are that now and then you need to call a service provider and ask him or her to come to your house (or cave) and fix something.  Or clean something.  Or kill something, like bugs.

But have you ever thought about how that service provider – as long as they’re there, fixing or cleaning or killing – could also free up some of your valuable time for important things, like binge watching Prison Break?

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Give your housekeeper a key. Then you won’t have to answer the door and miss your BFF’s latest tweet about what she had for lunch.
    watering houseplant
  1. After the landscaper finishes with the yard, tell him to come in and water the houseplants. He’s the plant person, not you.
  1. When the exterminator is done spraying for ants outside, he can kill that spider in your bathroom so you can take a shower.
  1. And speaking of showers, the guy who’s inspecting the hot water heater should turn the temperature up a notch, so your shower gets hotter sooner.
  1. Before the plumber leaves, ask him to clean that gunk out of your swimming pool swimming poolfilters. Unplugging things is his job, not yours.
  1. When the window washers are finished, they can clean all your mirrors. Glass is glass, right?
  1. The guy who’s there to fix the washing machine? He can throw a load in to wash before he leaves.
  1. Before the handyman comes over to check that leak in your roof, tell him to pick up a Big Mac and fries for you – it’s right on his way.
  1. Is the air conditioner guy finished with his inspection? He should hurry up because…nap_01
  1. It’s time to take a nap. Simplifying your life is exhausting.

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