“Joy” at Work. Yeah. That Seems Likely.

Life is too short to be in a position or company that doesn’t bring you joy or doesn’t support you through difficult times.  Loving what you do and loving where you do it are keys to long-term health and happiness.

Isn't That SpecialWell, isn’t that special?

I recently read that quote in an article by Marissa Levin who, according to her website, is

“A 20-year entrepreneur, speaker, & globally recognized growth strategist, Marissa’s lifetime legacy mission is to educate, equip, & empower 100 million entrepreneurs & leaders with the skillsets and mindsets they need to reach their greatest potential.Marissa-Levin

“As CEO of Successful Culture, Marissa helps CEOs master the 3 most critical aspects of business growth: leadership development, strategy formulation & execution, and organizational culture assessment & improvement.”

Marissa is also very fond of bold, italics, bold italics & ampersands&&&&&.

In the article Ms. Levin shares that at her first company, “We had a Good Times Committee (GTC) that was responsible for planning fun events.  We had a line item in our budget for fun.  No matter what the day held, we knew there would be some laughter along the way.”

I wish she’d gone into more detail about their “budget for fun.”  Exactly how much did they spend and on what?  Perhaps…refrigerator_03

  • Whoopie cushions for every seat in the conference room?
  • Decoy food in the company refrigerator that blows up when someone tries to steal it?
  • A secure, anonymous system that allows staff to truthfully review their managers?

In the article Ms. Levin’s sub-heads suggest:

  • Laughter keeps us focused on tasks.  (What “tasks”?  You have minions to do those.)
  • Laughter is a great natural team builder.  (Yeah, especially for the loser nobody wants on their team.)
  • Laughter improves employee health and can reduce sick days.  (Which is fortunate, since we’re socking you for astronomical health insurance premiums.)

I also wish Ms. Levin had gone into detail about how many actual people she’s interviewed about “loving what you do and loving where you do it.”  Did she talk to, for example,

  1. The person who has to maul breasts all day long – that is, a mammogram Digital StillCameratechnician?
  2. Or the person who works on their feet, in factory assembly line, eight or more hours a day?
  3. Maybe the person who drives around picking up Port-a-Potties?

I’m suspecting that for these folks and a majority of working people all over the world, “bring you joy” wasn’t high on their list of job-hunting criteria.  They were too busy ascertaining if the job would pay a decent wage so they could support their peculiar habits like having a place to live, eating, and bills_04affording health care coverage that actually covers something.

Because, Ms. Levin, that is why people work.

Good Times Committee notwithstanding.

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