When “Funny” Isn’t Funny

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woman computer_01I’m not super-savvy when it comes to computers.

OK – I’m not even savvy.

To get the above image from my library’s website – and this was a real stretch for me – I did a screen print, then I scanned it, saved it, opened it in Picture Manager, cropped it, saved it, then added the red arrow in Paint and saved it again.

I was exhausted.

So when it comes to high-tech talk, I need help.  I need someone to translate for me.little girl computer_06

Maybe the eight-year-old who lives next door.

When the library’s website with the above image appeared on my computer screen, I cringed.  I was sure this was yet more complicated high-tech talk with which I was unfamiliar:

“Because we are changing things, you may find areas that are broken or act funny.”

“Act funny”?

It can’t be the obvious – there must be some secret meaning here.  To aid me in Jargondiscerning it, I went online to look for high-tech talk that might explain “funny.”

I found the Jargon Generator at shinytoylabs.com and lots of high-tech talk, including:

  • The RAM pixel is down, program the optical spyware so we can generate the SMTP port!
  • They’re inside the malware, use the ethernet SQL system to synthesize their microchip!
  • You can’t reboot the transmitter without quantifying the neural ADP form factor!

These were funny, but they didn’t help me figure out the secret meaning of “funny.”

netlingoThen I found netlingo.com and fifty – fifty! – high-tech terms, alphabetized, no less.  Surely I’ll find “funny” on a list that offers…

Cluster funk:  When a multitude of things go wrong on a computer system, at the same time, because of one action.  It can also refer to a room full of smelly programmers, as in, “You don’t want to go back there; there’s a major cluster funk going on.”

Ohnosecond:  The fraction of time it takes to realize you’ve just goofed; for example, right after you hit the Send button on an email and realize you forgot to include the attachment.

Zen Mail:  E-mail messages that arrive with no text in the message body.

Again, funny, but no “funny.”

Ready to tear out my hair, as a last resort, I went to a dictionary.  Surely an online (high-tech) dictionary would tell me the meaning of a (high-tech) term like “funny”?  I found:

Funny Angle 01Funny (fuhn-ee), adjective:

  1. Providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical.
  2. Attempting to amuse; facetious.
  3. Warranting suspicion; deceitful; underhanded.

Funny, but not helpful.

Guess it’s time to ask that eight-year-old next door.







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