Rave: My Heroes, in Harm’s Way

Take a close look at this picture.

It’s a group of firefighters in Santa Barbara County, rescuing a teenage girl from a mudslide that buried her home on January 9.  This was one of 50 rescues that firefighters had conducted by mid-afternoon that day.

But wait – there were no fires in the area.  This was a mudslide caused by heavy rainfall.

Firefighters? Rescue 1-9-18_02 cropped

Oh, yes.

Here’s another pictures of the same rescue – see the word “Fire” on their jackets?

Firefighters.  Oh, yes.

Firefighters are the amazing men and women who, when we’re all running away, they’re running toward.

Toward the fires, the floods, the mudslides, toward the victims of hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes.

firefighter world trade center_01.jpg
9/11:  Would you run toward this – or away from it?

Toward the World Trade Center on 9/11, where more than 300 firefighters lost their lives.

Toward the car with the “Jaws of Life” to extricate the driver before the car explodes.

Toward a different car – this one with a woman delivering a baby now.

And, yes, toward that cat stuck in a tree.  Not a life-threatening situation, but that’s what firefighters do.firefighter and cat

They rescue:

Our lives, our loved ones, our homes, our pets.  And they don’t even know our names – we’re strangers to them.  They risk their lives every time they go work, to rescue strangers.

What a strange and wonderful profession.

I don’t know why firefighters choose this profession – it sure isn’t something I would do – but I’m so grateful they’re out there.

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude, admiration, and respect for firefighters, so I’ll hope these quotes can do it for me:

Firefighters save hearts – and homes.

 Firefighting is all about ass – busting ours to save yours.

 Firefighters:  Your worst day is our every day.

i heart

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