Thank$ For the Memorie$

From: Darrell Issa, California’s 49th District Representative Extraordinaire

To:     My Congressional Colleagues

Re:     My Retirement

I no sooner announced my retirement on January 10 than a bunch of my loving constituents threw me a party – look at this cake!

Cake cropped.jpg

Here they are, all lined up along the street, waiting to wish me well in person:

crowd cropped.jpg

Of course, they’ll all have to look up, because as everyone knows, I like to hang out on the roof of my office whenever my constituents are around:

darrell on roof.png

And yes, I’m going to stick around and finish my term, mostly because I enjoy being known as “The Richest Man in Congress.”  None of this “Richest Man in the House of Representatives” stuff for me!  Nice picture, yes?

Nice picture.jpg

In conclusion, to clear up any questions, I’ve written a little ditty with music from  that Evita show:

don't cry reversed

Madonna as Evita

issa holding out arm_01 reversed

Darrell as Evita.

Don’t cry for me, California

I am the richest man

In our Congress!

In case you’re worried

To ease your tension

Of course I’ll also

Collect my pension!

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