There’ a Fungus Among Us

pedicure_01.jpg heel.jpg
I went in for this… And ended up with this.

Many people – mostly women but men as well – consider regular trips to a nail salon mani pedinecessary to their good grooming.

I’d never done the manicure/pedicure thing – called a “mani-pedi” by those in the know.  The idea of someone else taking care of these chores was appealing but – the idea of some stranger fooling with my hands and feet wasn’t.

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to be a Wild Thing and everything_01 croppedtry something new.  But where to find a great nail salon?  Online, of course.  Because as everyone knows, everything on the Internet is true.

I searched for the 10 best nail salons in my town, and up came Yelp with a list.  The first place had a five-star rating with more than 200 reviews, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

wild thing croppedAnd for awhile, I was right.  First, I really enjoyed the experience, and oh – the foot/calf and hand/forearm massage was heavenly.  Second, the nail tech did a great job, and I no longer had to.  A mani-pedi became a welcome part of my routine.

Until my last visit.  Two days after the mani-pedi I noticed a dry, cracked patch on the bottom of my heel.  Then the crack started oozing blood.  “What the hell?” I thought.  I used an antiseptic spray and band-aids for a few days, and when I didn’t see improvement, scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

His diagnosis:  a heel fungal infection.  See picture at top.ewww cropped


Am I 100% certain that I got the fungal infection from the nail salon?  No.  But considering the fact that…

  • I’d never had a fungal infection.
  • It started two days after the mani-pedi.
  • I’d never thought to ask if the nail tech sterilized her tools in between clients.

I won’t be returning to that salon.  If I ever decide to do the Wild Thing again I’ll ask someone I trust who has mani-pedi experience for the name of their salon.

No more looking online.

Even though, as everyone knows…

everything cropped.jpg

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