I’m What?

Day, Time:    Wednesday 8:45am

Location:       At home, on my computer

When what to my wondering eyes should appear…

Screen Print.jpg

Joe, what a surprise to hear from you.

are_you_fucking_kidding_me__by_rexdragonfang99x-d6o7s38And that you’d like to join my LinkedIn network.

Really, what a surprise…

Since you fired me in 2011, after eleven years of promotions, raises and rave reviews.

“Eliminated” my position.

Laid me off, let me go, terminated me.

Sent me to the unemployment line, and sent me into Job Hunting Hell during the Great Recession.

Now, after seven+ years, you’ve sent me a request to connect.

What are you doing – trolling around LinkedIn trying to connect with all the people you fired?crowd-of-people-images-sihlouette

Lord knows there are plenty of us – more than 100 people, in a company that employed, max, 130.

Or maybe you singled me out, to make me feel special?

I know – there are those who would say, “It was a long time ago, get over it, you’re doing fine now.”

I’m sure they’re right.

I’m sure I should move on.

I’m sure I should accept your invitation.

So, Joe:  Do just one thing before I click that “Accept” button:

hold_02 largest

Hold your breath until you hear from me.

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