Rant: This Will Offend Your Olfactories

She must stay thin and young-looking, while her male colleague can grow fat and bald in peace.  – Eliana Dockterman

From a PBS NewsHour, anchor Judy Woodruff and her guest, Mark Shields:

W and S smaller
Mark Shields Judy Woodruff
Highly respected political columnist Highly respected anchor, PBS NewsHour
Hair:  Gray Hair:  Blond
Chin:  Sagging, jowly Chin:  Taut, sculpted
Neck:  Thick, flabby Neck:  Taut, sculpted
Arms:  Not visible, suspect flabby Arms:  Slender, toned
Build:  Portly Build:  Slender

What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s what’s wrong:

Two highly respected journalists, of comparable age, both with many years in the business.What-Stinks

But if Judy Woodruff had gray hair, jowls, and a portly build, she wouldn’t have an on-air job.

Even if she was 30 years younger, with gray hair, jowls, and a portly build she’d be banished to a back cube in the newsroom.  If she was able to have a job in journalism at all.

What if Judy was losing her hair?  Would she lose her job, too?  Have you ever seen a balding woman hosting a TV program?  Compare and contrast that with…

matt-lauer-.jpg mark bittman.jpg

Matt Lauer, Unemployed

Mark Bittman, PBS

Canadian Journalism Foundation-Sold-out CJF Awards celebrates bill o'reilly

Peter Mansbridge, CBC

Bill O’Reilly, Unemployed

Yeah, that stinks.


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