Here It Comes…

I saw this headline and thought, “Major Ah-Ha Moment!

Headline final.jpg

“That’s what I’ve been doing wrong at work all these years!  Following the rules, slaving away, old nose-to-the-grindstone.  When I should have been rebelling!”

I couldn’t wait to read the Eight Ways Rule Breakers Can Create Positive Change so I could “Be A Rebel At Work.”

Then I decided to start my rebellion right away and not read the Eight Ways in order.  Or read all of them.  HA!

I started with Way #3:  “Use the conversational technique of plussing.”  This means thatnumber 3 when you’re in a meeting and someone has a stupid idea, instead of saying “but,” you keep an open mind and say, “and…?”  Hoping they’ll pick up on your “and” and say something intelligent.

I know.  Unlikely.

By the way, in the dictionary I see “plus” listed as a preposition, an adjective, a noun, a conjunction, and an adverb.  As far as I can tell, “plus” is not and never has been a verb.

But perhaps using “plus” as a verb is a form of rebellion?

number 1_01Way #1 is “Break away from the routine” and the author says, “It’s very easy for us all to fall back into routines and mindlessly follow them, day after day.”  I thought, yeah – that’s called “work”:  Mindless routines in exchange for a paycheck.

But then I thought – why not?  Why not “purposely seek out new and novel ideas,” as the author suggests?

My routine is to arrive at work by 7:30am, skip lunch, and work until 6:30pm or…whenever.

born to rebelBut today was my day to “break away from the routine.”  I strolled in around noon, and announced to everyone that I was leaving at 4pm.

Born to rebel, yeah!

OK, it was Sunday, and I was the only one there.  So it wasn’t exactly a full-frontal rebellion.

Moving on to…

Way #2:  Seek out differences of opinion.Number 2

This morning I was part of a group interviewing a prospective employee.  We each took turns asking the prospect a question, and when my turn came around…

Get ready…

I said, “Why do you want to work here?  This place sucks.”

No one in the room agreed, including our manager.

So, “differences of opinion,” yes?

Rebellion success!

My manager said she wants to see me right after the meeting.  I’m betting she’s going to congratulate me on my new Rebel Persona!

But before I go, I’m going to take that Rebel Test the article talks about.  Can’t wait to see what kind of rebel I am!

Rebel Quiz results best






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