Girl, You Are Dumb As Dirt, Part 2

On March 9 I posted a blog, Girl, You Are Dumb As Dirt.

In it I wrote about a female politician who behaved badly, got caught, and resigned.  Heroh no not-this-again cropped story included extramarital sex and misuse of taxpayer money.

Since so many male politicians get headlines for the same or similar activities, I figured it was only fair to notice when a female politician did a dumb thing, too.

In other words:  She acted like a guy.

Signing pledgeAt the time I didn’t anticipate that I’d be writing about yet another female politician who was dumb as dirt, but sad to say, here she is:

California Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.

In the recent past, media outlets describe Garcia as “a leader of the #MeToo movement in California government.”  The December 2017 Time magazine’s Persons of the Year choice was The Silence Breakers, and Garcia was included in a two-page photo spread of #MeToo activists:

Silence Breakers

Perhaps she misunderstood, and interpreted the #MeToo movement as, “Me, too, I can act like a guy”?

The story so far:

groping_03 croppedEarlier this year, former legislative staffer Daniel Fierro accused Garcia of groping him in 2014 when she was “visibly intoxicated.”  Specifically, Fierro said that Garcia stroked his back, squeezed his buttocks and attempted to touch his crotch in a dugout after a softball game in 2014.

But not just any softball game – it was a legislative softball game, which I thought was a nice touch, if you’ll excuse the expression.

Garcia denied the allegation, an investigation ensued, and on May 17 the California Assembly said an outside investigator found no evidence substantiating Fierro’s claim.not-the-end1  The Assembly Rules Committee sent letters to Fierro and Garcia that said the investigation was complete.

End of story?


Two weeks later Fierro appealed, complaining that the investigator didn’t interview at least one witness he reported.  As of June 13, the California Legislature was resuming an investigation in light of concerns raised about the initial investigation into Garcia’s conduct.

But-wait-theres-more-865x731 croppedThe accusations don’t begin and end with Fierro’s, however.  Investigators did substantiate allegations that Garcia routinely used vulgar language around staffers, had staff run personal errands, and created a toxic environment in her office.

Also substantiated:  Making derogatory remarks about other lawmakers, including calling then-Assembly Speaker John Pérez a “homo,” for which Garcia later apologized.  She was also “strongly admonished” for making racially insensitive comments directed toward Asians.  She did not apologize.

Whew!  Garcia is one busy politician!

So here’s our scorecard:



Sexual misconduct:  groping Investigation ongoing
Sexual misconduct:  squeezing Investigation ongoing
Sexual misconduct:  crotch touching Investigation ongoing
Using vulgar language Substantiated
Requesting personal errands Substantiated
Creating toxic environment Substantiated
Using homophobic language Substantiated, apologized
Using racially insensitive language Substantiated, admonished

Behaving like a guy is getting to be an equal opportunity thing, isn’t it?

In the meantime, Garcia is up for 58th Assembly District re-election in November.  I don’t imagine her constituents are doing the Happy Dance.

58th district
California’s 58th Assembly District:  No Happy Dance here.

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