To Nap Or Not To Nap?

A recent trade show offered the opportunity to check out products from Framery, Silence Business Solutions and other companies hoping to launch a new wave – with their new product – in places of business:

Nap pods.

SLEEP-DEPRIVATION cloudThere’s reality, theory, and fantasy going on here.

Reality:  We don’t get enough sleep.  Our productivity at work can suffer, and that negatively impacts employers’ bottom lines.

Theory:  A brief, say, 15-minute nap during the workday – also known as a power nap – may help improve employee productivity.

Fantasy:  American employers will welcome with open arms the idea of allowing employees to nap during the work day, and even provide a cozy, pricey place to do it.

Manager:  OK, I think we’ve covered our agenda, does anyone have anything to add? tired at meeting_01
John:  Well, since you asked, I just read an article that said more than a third of Americans aren’t getting the enough sleep! Not Enough Sleep Headline.jpg
John:  And this contributes to problems like health issues and mistakes at work – it costs $411 billion in annual economic losses!  That’s the equivalent of about 1.23 million working days lost each year to insufficient sleep! 411 billion headline
Manager:  Your point, John? yawning
John:  Your yawn is my point.  If there was a quiet, private spot here in the office, anyone could take a catnap, and wake up re-energized and refreshed and ready!   To make less mistakes!  To make more money! more money
Manager:  Catnap?  You know we don’t allow animals in the office. cat napping.jpg
John:  A catnap.  You know, 40 winks?  Power nap? power nap_01
Manager:  That’s great, John, you’ve given everyone a good laugh.  Now, if there are no further questions… laughing-at-meeting.jpg
John (starts passing his phone around the table):  Look, I found these really cool nap pods online… phone frowning
Manager:  Pods?  Don’t whales come in pods?  I thought I said no animals in the office. whale pod_01
John:  …it’s all self-contained, so you just go in, close the door, and have a quick nap… sleepbox-reviews_4
Manager:  Am I understanding you correctly, John?  You’re advocating that the team here act like a bunch of babies, and take naps during the day?  On company time? babies nursery.jpg
John:  …and the nap pod you’re looking at has an exterior light that goes on so we know it’s occupied… silence+business+solutions
Manager:  On company time, John?  You want to get paid for napping on company time? seriously_02
John:  …And it’s only $19,000! 19000_01 cropped
Manager:  This meeting is adjourned.  John, let’s you and I take a walk over to HR, shall we? hr
Sleepbox-7 cropped
Now I lay me down to sleep…on a pillow that 50 other people have drooled on.


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